No loner confined to Gala clubs, Bingo has been reinvented for a new generation, and we can’t get enough of it. It may be all booze and bells, but it’s still bingo with cards and callers and winners in the waiting. However, what people don’t say about bingo is how hard it is to play; it’s heads down and all about concentration. And when you throw booze into the mix, it’s often hit the floor and time for tea before you can shout the immortal word.  

Best then to get some responsible practice at Dragonfish bingo sites and other reputable gaming sites. Once you’ve got your head around the terminology, it’s time to grab a dabber and get stuck in, with these; our 5 IDEAL boozy bingo nights in London. 


This is Bingo, but not as you know it. And that’s what you’re here for right? Billed as an ‘immersive Italian dining experience’ this place is rocking any night of the week, with raucous carousing mixed with pizza, pasta and the rest. What more could you want? Well, this, since you’re here for it; each Wednesday night is bingo night, Bunga Bunga style. It’s £19 for a bingo ticket and pizza, and the pizzaz, glam and camp comes for free. Get stuck in!


It must be something about the hump day …Every Wednesday Cattivo bar on Brixton’s buzzing Ferndale Road hosts a Bubbles and Bingo night with bottles of prosecco at £10 all evening. Again, it’s Italian home cooking to line punter’s stomachs and an emphasis on the bad behaviour here; Cattivo translates as ‘naughty’ in Italian and it’s certainly a long, louche night; the bottles pop at 5pm and the bingo kicks off at 7:30pm.


Popping up in pubs the Birds (Leytonstone) and the Owl and Hitchhiker (Holloway) in the next couple of months is Drag Bingo Balls, another revamp of the popular game of chance. Out are the traditional, tired calls of bingo’s past and in are smutty, saucy versions dreamt up and read out by gorgeous drag queens Felix le Freak and Johnny Bones. Expect ball fondling and innuendo aplenty. Oh, and for twenty quid, the booze is bottomless. Result!


How about something a little more permanent? Dabbers Bingo is the UK’s first ‘contemporary’ (see: live music, pub grub, comedy sets) purpose-built Bingo Hall, serving your number calling needs every single night of the week. We’re here for the boozy bit, so it’s Saturday you want to be aiming for, as the day hosts a bottomless brunch and the week’s largest jackpot. That’s not to say the other nights of the week aren’t lively, on Monday nights members get 50% off food and drink and on Friday, holidays are up for grabs. Hold us back.


If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, then Palace Bingo in Elephant and Castle may well suit your needs. This is a London institution that not many people know about. Set in a huge retro room with psychedelic carpet and seating for up to 2000, you can imbibe cheap bottles of beer alongside huge portions of curried-goat from the canteen, then play bingo and potentially win big. The ideal night out, some might say.