Where To Eat Near Clapham Junction: The Best Restaurants Near Clapham Junction

Let’s park the Battersea/Clapham border debate once and for all, in favour of finding great food together and forgetting arbitrary quarrels about where one area starts and another begins. Instead, we’re here to break down barriers, borders and bread, all in the time it takes to wait for a train.

Whilst Clapham Junction might be the busiest train station in Europe, its restaurant scene is arguably a little less relentless, but you’ll still find plenty of great places to eat within walking distance of the station. So, without further ado, here are Battersea’s best restaurants and our picks on where to eat near Clapham Junction.


Clapham Junction station and the surrounding area certainly isn’t short on supermarkets and cash machines, which feels like an odd way to start an article about the best restaurants in Battersea, but bear with us.

You’ll need both for Kaosarn, a Thai bring-your-own-booze, cash-only restaurant whose no-frills, no-frippery mentality extends to the food in the best possible way. Here, the flavours are bold and upfront, with a country-spanning menu of the classics sure to perk up even the weariest of train-traveller. 

The restaurant’s Bangkok-style som tam was recently named as one of Time Out’s best 100 dishes in London, and it certainly does the job. Order it alongside some grilled chicken (gai yang) and a basket of sticky rice (khao niao) and you’ve got an enlivening, uplifting Thai meal for less than £20.

Distance from Clapham Junction: 400 metres (a ten minute walk)


110 St John’s Hill, London SW11 1SJ


Pizzeria Pellone on Lavender Hill is something of a game of two halves. The first side of the menu is Franco Baresi style; austere, traditional and masterful in its mistake-free delivery. The latter feels somewhat inspired by Roberto Baggio; creative, joyful and exciting. 

Enough of the football analogies; this is superb pizza, make no mistake, with authentic Neapolitan recipes here using Caputo flour, Divella tomato sauce and Buffalo Mozarella straight from Campania. That comes as no surprise; the family owns five Pizzeria Pellones in Naples, and their restaurants in the Motherland regularly receive plaudits.

That said, it’s in the Pizze Le Pizze Gourmet section of the menu where the real excitement lies; the white pizzas here are superb and the Calzone Fritto, heavy on the black pepper and punchy with housemade salami, is a cult classic.

With Pizza Pellone currently available on Deliveroo and Uber Eats, this could very well be the best takeaway Neapolitan pizza in South London, too. 

Considering the restaurant is just a fifteen-minute walk from Clapham Junction station and the pizzas take just a minute to cook in Pellone’s roaring hot wood-fired oven, if your train is delayed and you’re looking for a quick, delicious feed in the meantime, then this is the place to head. Or, they’ll deliver to the station; back of the net!

Distance from Clapham Junction: 700 metres (a 15 minute walk)


42 Lavender Hill, London SW11 5RL


Or, if you’re heading south out of Clapham Junction station rather than climbing the hill northeast, then you’ll find a pretty decent, super quick pizza on Northcote Road at Franco Manca.

All-conquering Franca Manca pizzeria doesn’t need much in the way of an introduction; it seems to be on every street corner of London these days. No, that we’re not complaining – it is still one of the best-priced pizzas Neopolitan pizzas you’ll find in the capital. 

The trick is in their sourdough base, with the addictive tang only a great ferment brings. Options are limited but inclusive, all part of the places’ charm, with no danger of being gripped by the paradox of choice when scrutinising the simple, streamlined menu. A place like this lives and dies by the pizza itself, and fortunately for all of London, Franca Manca appears to be immortal.

Distance from Clapham Junction: 400 metres (a ten minute walk)


76 Northcote Rd, London SW11 6QL


On a street largely defined by mid-range chain eateries, Northcote Road’s best ‘neighbourhood’ restaurant is Osteria Antica Bologna, a warm and welcoming Italian which has been in the same spot for over two decades and does all of the simple, rustic things just right.

So, that’s freshly made pasta, ragus that taste like they’ve been bubbling since the restaurant opened, risotto that’s genuinely cooked to order (please allow for 20 minutes) and, if you’re feeling particularly ravenous, a Bistecca alla Fiorentina, that famous chargrilled T-bone steak beloved of Tuscany.

With affordable wine by the glass and a convivial atmosphere every night of the week (except Mondays, when it’s closed), it’s no wonder that Osteria Antica Bologna is such a hit with the locals. 

Distance from Clapham Junction: 300 metres (a 7 minute walk)


23 Northcote Rd, London SW11 1NG


This creative counter-dining restaurant on Battersea Rise would be impossible to get into were it in Hackney or out west on Westbourne Grove.

As it stands, with this part of Clapham offering up a different type of dining scene, you can usually expect to get a table (or rather, bar stool) at fairly short notice at French chef Yoann Chevet’s brilliant restaurant.

Do so, and you’ll be rewarded with a no choice five-course menu for a bargain £40, which falls broadly under the ‘modern European’ bracket but with a few Asian flourishes – think open ravioli of braised beef with kimchi and tofu.

Don’t worry, you’re not being experimented on with ill-thought fusion food; dishes here are light, perfectly poised and full of flavour. A must visit if you’re in Battersea!

Distance from Clapham Junction: 300 metres (a 7 minute walk)


28 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1EE


Mien Tay, a Southern-ish Vietnamese restaurant a short walk from Clapham Junction, offers the most authentic Vietnamese fare we’ve found in London without hitting up Kingsland Road out East. 

We love their rendition of banh xeo, a Vietnamese pancake/spring roll mash-up that is a textural, flavour-balancing delight. Décor is pleasingly stripped back and functional, letting the food do the talking, in typical Vietnamese spirit. Oh, and it’s BYOB. All together now – ”Tram Phan Tram!’’ 

Distance from Clapham Junction: 300 metres (a six minute walk)


180 Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TQ


The best fine dining option in the area, this Clapham stalwart run by the effervescent, proudly classical chef Adam Byatt has been given a new lease of life by its recently awarded Michelin star. 

This is not to say it wasn’t superb before the little red book finally recognised its exceptional celebration of British ingredients with flair and respect – but Michelin’s acknowledgement of Trinity as one of the best restaurants in London is pleasing nonetheless. The restaurant has a particular affinity with game, and a visit in grouse season is a must. 

If fine dining isn’t your thing, chef Byatt has recently opened a more casual, small plates affair upstairs – suitably named Trinity Upstairs – where the cooking is as attentive and precise as its big brother down on the first floor, but at a more accessible price.

Distance from Clapham Junction: 1.5 miles (a 30 minute walk)


4 The Polygon, London SW4 0JG


The second Thai restaurant on our list, and for good reason; could there be a better cuisine at reinvigorating a commuter who’s been worn out by the cut and thrust of the capital, all in the time it takes to wait for that connecting train to Epsom? We certainly don’t think so.

Rosa’s Thai has outposts all over London, with the restaurant gaining popularity for its affordable, properly punchy Thai dishes with origins from across The Kingdom. The Clapham branch has found a home on Northcote Road, and in a street largely defined by pizzas and burgers, the enlivening hit of chilli and smoke is most welcome. 

Go for the stir-fry dishes, as Rosa has real woks and burners out back and that all-important ‘hei’ can be sensed on the plate. The chilli and basil stir fry is a very satisfying one plate wonder, akin to Bangkok’s beloved pad gra pao, but using Thai basil instead of the holy stuff. Regardless, it does the job.

As their website boasts, over 1.6 million Pad Thais have been served by the restaurant group. We’re a little embarrassed to admit just how many of that number were us. 

Distance from Clapham Junction: 400 metres (an 8 minute walk)


54 Northcote Rd, London SW11 1PA

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