Fried chicken can be so much more than the salty, soggy Colonel-cooked kind. Here at IDEAL, we love ours ear shatteringly crispy, super spicy and succulent, and as tender as can be. These are our IDEAL picks for chicken wings in London.


Two choices, wing-wise, in this Brixton Japanese soul-food joint – standard or angry, the emotion euphemizing the level of brow-mopping expected. While the menu says ‘angry’ we are more inclined to label them livid. Incandescent. Really bloody spicy and amazing for it. Scotch bonnet is to thank, or blame, depending on your chili tolerance, but the ponzu honey sweetness balances the whole affair superbly. This is beer food, make no mistake, and Nanban caters accordingly, with some really interesting, local crafts. Possibly our favourite fried chicken in London…..

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….But wait. Smoking Goat’s signature fish sauce wings may just take the crown. They also lend themselves to beer swilling and brow mopping – there’s some serious chili on display here, but there’s something deeper too, offered in the form of a Vietnamese fish sauce glaze that is salty and sweet in equal measure. The crisp and crackle of the batter is by no means dampened by the sticky, glorious dressing – moreish would be underselling these truly great wings.

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Walk into this chicken and cocktail joint in Seven Dials and the buzz hits you. Even more so, the smell of fried goodies. Chicks ‘n’ Sours is developing a huge following, and rumuors of further openings abound, it’s not difficult to see why. Their batter is nailed, their cocktails potent and their price reasonable – a winning formula and a winning wing.



The London stalwart Meatliquor, ever-expanding and ever popular, does some damn fine wings and even better dips. Their blue cheese offering is the stuff of legend, and pairs remarkably well with the fried, crispy goodness.

Capitalising on the popularity of the wings at their original outpost, Meat Liquor has turned Chicken Liquor in lovely Brixton Village market, with a chicken heavy, more esoterically inclined menu – the Korean wings with fermented chili and daikon a particular favourite.



A South-London institution, its enduring popularity proving classic chicken wings don’t have to be tampered with to produce results, Morleys is cheap, cheerful and utterly delicious – especially after a night out. 


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