Valentine’s Day asks so much of us. Hot on the heels of Christmas meaning that few are truly ready to splurge, but far enough into the New Year that you’re absolutely ready for a celebration. Even with the day firmly lodged in the minds of expectant partners everywhere, it somehow manages to sneak up on you, every single year. 

Since you’re here, and since it’s the actual day, we’re assuming you’re in Kent and flying very much by the seat of your pants today. And if you don’t get things right, those pants are going to remain firmly on tonight. Instead of feeling like you need to score diamonds or a table at the top restaurant in town, get inventive; here are 5 IDEAL last minute Valentine’s Day gifts if you’re in Kent.


Is your partner a budding photographer in disguise? In the age of the mobile phone that possesses a better camera than most amateur photographers, they’re bound to have a digital print somewhere just perfect for framing. C’mon, you’ve stalked your partner’s Facebook or Instagram enough for ‘inspiration’. Choose the ideal snap and then zip over to one of the professional printing services Kent offers. Digilab, a Kent based shop, offers print and framing services all in one spot; all in quick enough time to be bowling through the door this evening with a great gift in hand. 


Maybe your sweetheart’s skills with the camera aren’t passable for public or domestic display? That’s ok. Perhaps you have a partner that prefers to be on the other side of the lens? Whether it’s family photographs, a romantic couples shoot, or even boudoir photography, there’s sure to be a photographer that would be happy to set you up with the appointment built to suit. Photo sessions make excellent surprises, as they’re easy to book well in advance; just present a card tonight letting your loved one know the date of the shoot. Jump on Gumtree to find a load of local artists that will happily work within your budget. 


Why not arrange a trip out across county to reacquaint yourself with nature? We all need a bit of that, right? For only £90 a night, you can book your very own romantic getaway in the Nature Reserve that inspired the likes of Charles Dickens. With gorgeous views and serene nature, you’ll get a chance to kick back and relax in style. Just a short drive north east, the Elmley Nature Reserve is an incredibly easy escape. Each hut is en suite and has self-catering spaces. So what are you waiting for? 


Knitting is having a real moment; a break from the demands of daily life, a meditative experience, and a thrifty way to dress yourself all rolled into one. Check out any one of the adult education classes in Kent, and get ready to craft those newly knitted socks off! Kent adult education courses offer a number of different options and classes that are designed to get you learning new skills. Bonus points: most courses offer several different classes over the course of weeks at a time, letting you gradually build on your skills. 


If you’ve got some skills on the stoves, or even if you don’t, fashioning a romantic meal for your beau can be the most generous gesture of them all. We’ll save us both the hassle here, and direct you to our article on the 7 IDEAL tips on cooking the perfect Valentine’s Day meal. Go get it!