Planning a surprise trip away for the bride-to-be? Organising the hen night is one of the bridesmaid’s most important pre-wedding tasks and can be great fun. However, trying to make plans that will please everyone can be a royal pain. 

Let’s be honest, no one really enjoys an itinerary of organised fun that involves male life drawing classes, wearing the customary ‘L’ plates and being forced to spend money on a crappy hotel. Your average hen party with penis paraphernalia and male strippers is so passe. However, most people do enjoy a weekend break away, where you have the choice to relax and do very little but celebrate the upcoming wedding nuptials together as a girlie gang. Enter the option of a gorgeous rental house, and things start looking very rosy. 

So, we think it’s high time to ditch the stereotypical hen parties and gather the girls together for a long weekend at a rental house. Whether you’re after some countryside comfort, a fancy farmhouse or have your sights set on something a little more chic, there’s a house rental out there for every taste. Still need convincing? Then here’s 5 IDEAL reasons to rent a house for your hen party.


Let’s face it, hen parties and weddings are expensive for both the bride and her hens. If you’ve never complained about the cost of a hen do, then you’re a better person than us. Recent research by Ocean Finance found that the average cost of joining a party is £250 with accommodation and meals out accounting for the biggest costs. Some people spent as much as £500 during a stag or hen event. That’s a lot of money, indeed.

One way to save on these costs is to book a rental house, which, when compared to booking a hotel can be amazingly cost effective. We’ve seen great deals for as little as £20 per person per night if you fill them up – you could barely get a hostel for that. Also, having a kitchen at your disposal can instantly cut your costs and add to the fun of the event. You can stock up on food, snacks and take as much wine and prosecco as you can carry. Even if you go out in the evening, you can make breakfast, lunch and midnight snacks, which will save some serious pennies.


The whole point of a hen do is for the bride-to-be to enjoy one last night of freedom with her friends. If you’re in a hotel scattered across separate floors (or worse in different hotels altogether) it’s hard to spend quality time together. However, with a house you’re not restricted to a single hotel room. You’ll have plenty of space to spread out and enjoy time with the other hens. Whether that’s in the dining room for boozy brunches, outside on the veranda with a cocktail in hand or with an epic house party – it’s totally up to you.


Need a corkscrew to open that bottle of wine? Need to ask another hen if they have a spare hair grip without having to face strangers in the corridors? Renting a house offers you privacy and the amenities of a regular home, but still with that sense of adventure of being somewhere new. You can kick back, relax and not have to spend the day after the night before cooped up in a hotel room, or worse; in public.


You can create your own fun, in your own time. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of getting a group of girls to a dinner booking on time. You don’t have to get up in time for the hotel breakfast if you’re hungover. You don’t have to be disturbed by the hotel staff cleaning your room. If the bars shut, you can take the party home instead of dealing with sticky dance floors. And if busy bars and clubs aren’t what the bride has in mind at all, then you can easily have a pamper and prosecco session, at any time of day. 


Planning a wedding let alone a hen do is stressful, but booking a house enables the bride to totally destress. If you’re lucky you can even book a house that’s got a pool, which you don’t have to share with other guests. The same goes for a sauna and steam room. A house will bring a whole new dimension to your hen party, making it more memorable for everyone involved.