It’s an existential question on the lips of many a keen traveller; just when does the holiday actually start? Does your trip begin when you book the ticket? Or is it when you put on your ‘out of office’ ceremoniously, and raise a sly middle finger to your boss as you head for the door? Perhaps the holiday only really gets going when you’re on the way to the airport or when you touch down?

Well, here’s a secret we’ll let you in on, which campervan owners have known for some time; when you’re driving one, the holiday never stops. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an actual ‘owner’ to enjoy this feeling of unbridled freedom. With camper van hire, all this can be yours; here are our 5 IDEAL tips for your next UK campervan holiday.


Travelling with a van certainly does change the way you spend your holidays. And that spontaneity and sense of unbridled freedom it brings should be weighed up against a certain lack of comfort and convenience at some points in your journey. Be realistic about this; you’ll often encounter places where there is no restaurant and supermarket, so it’s best to come prepared. Most campervans come equipped with a small fridge, where you can store a few groceries. Have a few snacks stored too for those longer stretches of road when stomachs may start rumbling and minds wandering.


There’s something about food cooked in the great outdoors that just seems to taste better than it does when cooked at home on a stovetop. Indeed grilling up something on the BBQ and dining alfresco offers something different than being stuck in a kitchen; from the distinct flavour of the grill marks to the sociability of it all. So, make sure your campervan is equipped with a small, portable barbie and a little fuel; it provides the perfect excuse to get your comedy apron on and your grill out at every available opportunity. 


If planning isn’t exactly your forte, and holidays seem to be constantly in the discussion phase, then a campervan holiday may suit your perennial procrastination just perfectly. On nothing more than a whim, you can choose to hit the high road and decide on the destination once you’re in motion, Springsteen is on the stereo and the pedal is very much to the metal. So, embrace that throwing off the shackles, and make sure you leave plenty of your trip up to chance.

Psst, hey you rubbish planner! Bear in mind that many motorhome camping sites do require booking, and close and shut down their facilities in the winter, so a little foresight is needed here to avoid disappointment.


Boredom can lead to plenty of back (and front) seat infighting when on the road, so it’s best to come prepared with entertainment to keep passengers occupied during the more boring stretches of road and scenery. Just because you’re in a campervan doesn’t mean the fun times are infinite.

Make sure all electronics are fully charged and films downloaded. Agree set times for screens before you set off to encourage family members to look up from their devices and take in the scenery. A campervan playlist is a great idea, too, with contributions and choices from all members of the group, as this avoids unseemly squabbles about what to listen to and can conjure up wonderful memories once the trip is over. An audiobook that appeals to everyone is also a great way to pass the hours on the open road.


Hey, getting your campervan looking lovely is all part of the fun right? Though we’re not necessarily suggesting you go full ‘hippy wagon’ on us, a fresh lick of paint, a decent dress up of the interiors and a quality sound system installed will make the trip all the more pleasurable. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered on this one, with our 5 IDEAL ways to make your campervan look cool for summer. Check it out!