Ideal for celebrating a special occasion or a big win.

By now, you’re probably well aware of its ‘Vegas of the East’ moniker. But for those well acquainted with Macau, this billing does the autonomous region just a short hop from Hong Kong a huge disservice. Macau is so much more than that.

Yep, this once peaceful city is in danger of outgrowing its older sibling, with the glitz, glamour and good times turned up to 11 and a sense of fanfare at the forefront of everything the area has to offer. 

There are now more than 40 casinos in Macau and the city even has its own answer to the strip, Cotai, with glittering skyscrapers offering all sorts of delights on either side of the boulevard. Inside these skyscrapers and casinos, you’ll find one of the most celebrated, revered restaurant scenes in the world, with 18 Michelin starred restaurants (including three 3 star establishments) and countless more fine dining eateries, all offering the chance for big winners to celebrate their good fortune in style.

Should you be looking to narrow down your options, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 of the best casino resort restaurants in Macau, IDEAL for a celebrating a special occasion or a big win.


A new addition to Macau’s burgeoning fine-dining scene, and one of the most exciting restaurants in the world right now, is Sichuan Moon at the luxury Wynn Palace. 

The brainchild of internationally renowned chef Andre Chiang, Sichuan Moon is the most highly acclaimed restaurant in the world celebrating the super spicy, fragrant cuisine of China’s Sichuan region right now. Look out for menu highlights like the most refined version of Dan Dan noodles we’ve ever encountered, served in a teapot (diners are invited to pull these symbols of longevity through its spout!) and an artistic version of Ma Po Tofu presented nestled in a bay leaf cup.

If you think a 15 course tasting menu somewhat sells out on the soul of Sichuan food, fear not; chilli oil, preserved, fermented greens, hot and sour soups…lip service (numbed, naturally) is paid to tradition in every bite. Incredible!


Not to be confused with 2 Michelin starred Wing Lei at Wynn Macau, Wing Lei Palace at Wynn Palace (phew, you got that?) opened just two years ago but is already making waves in the Macanese dining scene.

Chef Tam Kwok Fung is at the helm here, having previously worked at the highly regarded Jade Dragon restaurant (more of that one later). Fortunately, Wing Lei Palace more than matches the chef’s prestigious reputation and ambition; a daily changing menu showcases Chef Tam’s signature Cantonese dishes beautifully, with luxurious ingredients like blue lobster and black truffle taking centre stage.

If you’re approaching Macau on something of a budget, then the lunchtime Dim Sum set menu represents good value at MOP 480 (that’s just shy of the £50 mark) per person.


One of neighbouring Hong Kong’s most celebrated European restaurants and the only 3 Michelin-starred Italian restaurant outside of Italy, 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana now has two more outposts in Shanghai and Macau, with the latter opening in 2015 and earning a coveted Michelin star since.

Here, just like its celebrated older sibling, ultra-refined Italian cooking takes centre stage with the restaurant largely following the same menu as in Hong Kong. Though it should go without saying that the fresh pasta is a highlight, at the Galaxy Macau based restaurant, the pasta is seriously good.

Should white truffle be on the menu, order it; chef Bombana is a world ambassador for the stuff, and uses the rarest alba truffles generously in his dishes.

Be warned; such luxury ingredients don’t come cheap, with the 8 course tasting menu at 8 ½ E Mezzo Bombana coming in 2280 MOP (around £215) per person. Perhaps those winnings at the Galaxy Macau’s enormous collection of 1500 slots and 650 table games will come in handy here? It might pay to get some practice in first, without having to commit any coin, on a UK focussed casino site which offers free play options. Only once you’ve got your skills honed should you tackle the real tables; the glitz and glamour can cause you to get a little carried away if you’re not prepared for it.


If you’re keen to experience Cantonese cuisine served with all the bells and whistles, pomp and tradition in tact, then Jade Dragon at City of Dreams is where you should head. The setting is as illustrious as what arrives in your bespoke bamboo baskets and onto your plate, with a vaulted ceiling, original artworks and royal golds and silvers adorning the walls, upholstery and crockery. 

The signature Peking Goose, all lacquered finish and skin which shatters like glass (in the best possible way) is a must order but be warned; you have to do so in advance. Should that level of foresight slip your mind, then fear not; their barbecue pork is equally good.

For those looking to shake off the excesses of Macau’s less salubrious side, the signature seasonal healing soups and Peach Oolong tea will see you right. Interestingly, the Jade Dragon’s Dim Sum and tea pairing is particularly revered, and a great choice for a light lunchtime treat.


Among The Venetian’s 20 restaurants and the Cotai Strip’s largest casino, one stands out above the rest. The Golden Peacock, a fine dining, spice loving establishment, is considered one of the planet’s most prestigious purveyors of the food of the Indian subcontinent.

Authenticity is the name of the game here, with everything from spices (ground inhouse to maximum their brightness) to claypots imported from the motherland. For vegetarians, it’s a particularly fulfilling choice; half the menu is vegetarian. 

True to casino resort tradition, there’s an epic, expansive buffet every lunchtime between 11am and 3pm which is extraordinarily good value at just 208 MOP a person (that’s less than £20!) and just 105 MOP for children. For food this good, it’s one of the cheapest Michelin starred lunches you’ll find in the world.

What, you thought you couldn’t do this thing on a budget? Think again; here are 7 IDEAL tips for travelling to Macau on a budget.