Ideal for those looking to do more in Sin City than just gamble.

Las Vegas is one of the most recognised cities in the world. And for anyone familiar with the ostentation and allure of Sin City, it should come as no surprise that the city holds several world records relating to swagger, swank but mostly, size.

For sheer competitiveness, it’s pretty unmatched the world over, with a rightful claim to being the city that genuinely never sleeps, lights that you can see from outer space and towers which serve as temples to the dollar. If you’re heading here soon, and want to revel in some of the city’s boasts, then read on; here are 5 record breaking things to see in Las Vegas, IDEAL for those looking to do more Sin City than just gamble.


But first, some history; Las Vegas has been a centre for construction and creativity of a capitalist bent for decades. We all know that today it has some huge casinos, resorts, and concert halls. But not all of us know that this has been the case for over half a century. 

In the 1960s, Las Vegas built the world’s largest resort hotel. This was no mean feat (quite literally!). For a relatively small city to be competing with the entire world, it was one hell of a statement. The International Hotel had 1,159 rooms. And, perhaps even more significantly, Barbara Streisand opened the hotel’s inaugural show. She sang her famous “I’ve got plenty of nothing and nothing’s plenty for me.” We wouldn’t call 1,159 rooms nothing, but there you go! 


Want to see those lights from a particularly stunning vantage point? Vegas has got you covered for that, too. The High Roller, on the promenade at the LINQ hotel, is the tallest ferris wheel in the world, standing at nearly 168 metres tall. If you’re keen to ride a record breaking wheel in Vegas, be warned; construction is underway on the Ain Dubai, which is set to clock in at 250 metres and open in the near future.

The High Roller is particularly fabulous during Christmas time in Vegas, when the light shows (and shopping options) below are taken up a notch, even for this city’s standards! Catch it while you can.


Las Vegas is famous for its lights, so it is no surprise that many of this city’s record-breaking fixtures illuminate their after-hours skyline. In fact, Las Vegas is home to the world’s largest chandelier.

Clocking in at 10,000 square feet, more than 2 million crystals, and 65 feet tall, this chandelier will wow and surprise in equal measure. Perhaps most incredibly, each bead is handmade. You can visit this marvel at the Cosmopolitan Hotel where it has been since 2010.


While we might expect Vegas to be home to the world’s largest casino, that is actually not the case; that honour goes to the WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma. However, Vegas is home to the world’s largest sportsbook. In fact, this mega structure has only recently opened, potentially changing the Vegas landscape forever. 

Circa is truly a groundbreaking place, dedicated to sports rather than tables, wheels and slots, which makes it fairly unique amongst the crowded Las Vegas landscape. Three stories of betting isn’t even what makes this place truly stand out. What’s most special is perhaps the giant screen that spans all three floors! That’s not the only groundbreaking screen here. Outside the resort, Circa has a 40ft tall screen, too, in high-definition. You won’t miss another moment of the action.


Bonanza is located on the Las Vegas strip between Sahara and the Stratosphere. At 40,000 feet squared it is billed as the world’s largest gift shop and has been since 1980, the year of its inception and opening.

Whatever type of souvenir you are looking for, you will be sure to find it here; there’s crockery, mugs, T-shirts, keyrings, ashtrays, bottle openers, fridge magnets and more, all adorned with the I LOVE LV logo. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it’s certainly an event to get lost in the aisles of fun nick nacks. Plus for any Nicolas Cage fans, you might recognise the shop from his 2016 film The Trust


Las Vegas is perhaps best known, even beyond the less salubrious excesses of the city, for its big lights illuminating the strip. But this one stands out even among the other flashing lights. 

You have probably seen it. It is the iconic cowboy, Vegas Vic, on Fremont street where he stands guard over the Pioneer Gift Shop. He has a retro cowboy look, complete with bandana, plaid shirt, blue jeans, cowboy hat, and, of course, a cigarette. 

At forty feet tall, this honky-tonk man adds some real Western flavour to the international scene. Sadly, in recent years Vegas Vic has become somewhat symbolic of some of the more seedy subplots of the internet. Let’s hope he’s reclaimed soon!

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