There’s an old French proverb which suggests that ‘’it is in an old kitchen that the best food is made’’. Whilst those chaps across the channel certainly know a thing or two about cooking, we’re going to have to politely disagree here. Because if the kitchen is the heart of the home, then one which hasn’t been updated in years is surely at risk of cardiac arrest?

Indeed, if you’re planning a kitchen renovation, we’re first here to reassure you; at the culmination of that lengthy process – of redesigning the entire room, visualising what you want in it, and finalising the new installations – is some seriously nourishing cooking and even more quality time spent with family and friends.

But firstly, before the first shepherd’s pie is baked, you have to herd some sheep. If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, you’re going to need to find a trustworthy supplier for providing reliable material according to your preferences, within your budget. Remember that your ideas for renovation might be unique, and you might have to filter through a good number of reputed kitchen suppliers before finding one that suits your needs. 

It’s a process, sure, but one which can be completed diligently and efficiently if you just follow these 5 steps in choosing the IDEAL kitchen supplier for your next renovation.


As anyone who has strolled a high street peering into showrooms longingly at the perfect kitchen will attest, there are just so many suppliers for kitchen renovations on the market. Initially, then you’ll have to undertake some cursory research about all the suppliers in your area to narrow things down to a shortlist. 

Ask some searching questions; are they only about supply, or do they offer installation services as well? Do they assemble your cabinets, and will they provide benchtops? Can items be personalised, or does the entire kitchen come as it is? Once you’re sure of all of this information, you can shortlist a few companies and get in touch with them. 


The mode of operation of a kitchen supplier can make a lot of difference to their output. While some have their manufacturing and selling facilities all under one roof, others might source their materials elsewhere. While some might have showrooms, others might just be supplying from warehouses and workstations.

If you prefer a visit to the showroom before you select a kitchen design and its contents, you might want suppliers who can showcase their products to you first hand. This will allow you get a measure of the kitchen’s space and feel, to touch the surfaces, smell the taps (what, you don’t smell the taps?) and generally picture yourself in your new kitchen, flipping pancakes wearing nothing but a chef’s hat (what, you don’t….? okay, we’ll stop now). 

Similarly, if you want your supplies to arrive within a short time, you might want to go with local kitchen product supply companies that guarantee minimal delays. 


Since a kitchen renovation means a lot of investment and contentment is often tied to the kitchen implicitly, you should be sure about getting exactly what you want. Before you finalise your renovation supplier, you must scrutinise product catalogues with the same discerning eye as Gordon Ramsay appraising a trial chef’s omelette technique. Ideally, a renovation company should be offering multiple options for materials that are to be used in fixtures, countertops, and cabinets in every budget range. It would be best if you didn’t limit your choices between a couple of alternatives while remodelling your kitchen. 

Similarly, the right kitchen supplier will offer you a variety of colour options. Colours have a lot of say in how the renovated kitchen looks and feels (and the stains it shows up!). Whether you want your kitchen to look contemporary or royal, luxurious or quirky, your choice of colours is the key. 


Once you know a few kitchen renovation suppliers that can provide exactly what you need, it’s time to start finding out who offers the best deal. So, next up, you might want to get a few quotes from them. And when we say ‘might’, we mean will. Certainly. Definitely. Without question, want to.

Use those quotes to draw comparisons and narrow down your list of suppliers. If a kitchen supplier is reluctant to provide those all important quotes, bin them in that funky, revolving trash can you’re coveting for your new space.

You might want to look into how many years of warranty the suppliers offer on their products, too. This is an area of the house where things go wrong and equipment inevitably breaks; a warranty is incredibly useful here.


Testimonials from previous customers are the most reliable way to discover the real quality of products and services offered by a provider. Compare reviews for professionalism, customer satisfaction, transparency, timely delivery, and quality of installations on tradesperson validation and review websites, such as Trustpilot, Check A Trade, and dedicated site Kitchen Compare, which updates prices every day and is an independent body. Ultimately, select the kitchen installation suppliers who you think have done well with their earlier projects and provided exceptional customer services later on. 

The Chinese love to warn; ‘if you want dinner, don’t insult the cook’. We think this maxim can be applied to your kitchen space. So, if you want the IDEAL kitchen, don’t neglect the research process.