With the new year now in full swing, we think it’s safe to say that many of us are feeling the urge for an overhaul. For a fresh start. For rejuvenation and rebirth. And now Dry January has got our liver’s unpickled, our brains full of clarity, and resolutions getting some semblance of abs visible again, we’re turning our attention to the domestic space. 

The good news is that achieving that fresh, clean feel synonymous with new beginnings needn’t be expensive. The quickest route to success? We think it’s there, written on the walls. With that rather cryptic segway dispensed, here are 5 stylish wallpapers IDEAL for giving your home a fresh new look.


At first, the thought of marble wallpaper spins our whole spatial awareness on its head. Is that our bathtub we see on the ceiling? But the beauty of marble wallpaper is its ability to create a calming, spa-like vibe in bathrooms. And if you’ve got those Caesar fantasies (what, you too?) going on, such walls make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time to the days of the Roman Empire and you’re spending the afternoon at your local bathhouse. Now that’s escapism.

But it’s not only confined to the closed door of the bathroom. When adorning kitchen walls, marble creates a crisp, clean and modern feel. And when installed alongside natural wood shelves and countertops, marble wallpaper exudes that raw, stylistic feel. It’s also easily wipeable; perfect for splashes of bolognese boiled too vigorously. Ideal for bathroom accidents and all. 


Terr-who-o? Don’t worry, all will become clear. Completely unique and on-trend, terrazzo is a spin on that marble (it’s actually a composite material made of marble, granite, glass and more) we already mentioned; dashes of marbled gems scattered across white or grey backdrops, to be precise.

Terrazzo style wallpaper comes in a range of colours which you can use to complement the style of your chosen room. If your terrazzo effect wallpaper has a white background, for instance, pair with burnt orange, teal and black speckles, choose a teal velvet sofa, blood orange cushions, a white carpet and black hairpin leg furniture. Amazing. Or, if you love the minimalist Scandi look, opt for natural wood décor and subtle room accessories. 


How’s this for an understatement; it can be tough to make your child’s bedroom stylish. Of course, in an ideal world, we’d rather not have an entire room dedicated to Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol, but sacrificing stylistic control is all part of the job, we’re afraid to say. We’re not afraid to say, however, that there’s still room for a bit of a personality injection, even here.

A fun children’s wallpaper feature wall, such as one of these from wallsauce.com, could be the easy answer to bringing your child’s room to life. There are children’s wallpapers suitable for those as young as one month old all the way up to the grumpy teenager years.

We all know children grow up fast and tastes change faster than shoe sizes. Accordingly, do make sure you choose a versatile wallpaper that stands the test of time. Better still, purchase peel-and-stick wallpaper that’s self adhesive and removable. Once your child outgrows their wallpaper mural, you can gently peel it off without causing any damage to the wall. Then, you can buy a completely new peel and stick wallpaper to replace their old one.


Tropical palm leaf wallpaper might sound like a bad idea, particularly in gloomy old Britain, but this style is extremely on-trend right now. A bit Kardashian, a little Love Island, perhaps, but there’s no fighting fashion sometimes. Fortunately, there’s more versatility than you might expect in its deployment; you can find deep forest greens, bluey emerald or even bright lime green palm leaf wallpaper prints out there.  

That said, it’s important to practice contrast and restraint here; no one wants every wall to channel those tropical vibes. Instead, employ a single, eye-catching feature wall; palm leaf wallpaper looks best surrounded by walls with a contrasting colour. 

Keep the surrounding décor natural and subtle, or the effect will be jarring. Because most palm leaf wallpaper is highly detailed and abundant with beautiful patterns, simple furniture is a must. Choose white or natural wood chairs, tables and white soft furnishings such as duvet covers and cushions. Add a touch of bronze or rose gold pieces as well, such as a lamp or tealights, to add to the on-trend feel of the palm leaf room.


The urbanite’s dream, this one. Or, it’s conceivable in the rural setting too, for those who would adore a rustic and cosy cottage with exposed wooden beams and brick walls. Both looks are totally different, but together they embrace the brick wall look with open arms. Seeing as it’s a messy job to chisel off plaster, it’s best to either seek the help of professionals here. Or, to achieve this stylish look without intervention, consider a brick-effect wallpaper.

We’re not talking a cheap, plastic facade beloved of a bygone area, but rather a more modern version which really does require close inspection to discern it’s not the real deal. Consider this for your kitchen for best effect.

And with that, we’ll see ourselves out. But before we go, we noticed your garden looking a little, shall we say, unkempt, on the way in. Check out our tips on how to make your garden a sanctuary in time for Spring and get yourself ready for better, brighter times ahead.