Ideal for those who used up all their inspiration over the festive season.

Those pesky loved ones whose birthdays fall early in January and February…it’s the same story each and every new year. You use up all your gift ideas for Christmas, and you’re left with no inspiration (or money!) to repeat the process once their birthday rolls around so soon after.

Whether you are looking for a gift for your dad, brother, or partner, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 unique gift ideas for the man in your life in 2021, IDEAL for those who used up all their inspiration over the festive season.


Because you don’t love anyone enough to buy them an actual car, right? Well, this is the next best thing; a private number plate. For many men (and women), their vehicle is their pride and joy. If this applies to the person you are buying a gift for, a private number plate is sure to go down well!

That said, many are put off by the apparent high price of such a purchase. Don’t be. Though private number plates do differ in price considerably, there are cheap private plates available, with a collection of initials and four numbers starting out as low as £25.

Of course, if you want to go for something truly unique, then it is going to cost you; in 2014, the UK’s most expensive personalised number plate sold for £518’000. The letters? Less is most certainly more here; it simply read 25 O, and was bought by a Ferrari trader.


It may sound a bit out there (or should we say ‘up there’?), and that’s because it is! So out there, in fact, that it’s not even on this planet. 

If the man in your life is a lover of all things astronomy, planets and stars, then why not name a star after him for a symbolic, enduring gift which we doubt any thought of over Christmas! Whilst the idea may seem far fetched, doing so is surprisingly reasonable; you can do so for as little as £14.99. Wow.


Signet rings were traditionally worn by businessmen and women, on their pinky finger, to be dipped into hot wax and used in lieu of a signature. The signet would feature the wearer’s family crest or other personal emblem, and as such, gifting a signet ring represents a classy, totally unique gift for the businessman in your life.

Have something personal and meaningful engraved on the ring; whether that’s their initials or an image they love, or even an imagined coat of arms, for that truly unique gift you’re seeking.

Since this is a special piece of jewellery, do make sure you’re buying yours through a quality jeweller; you wouldn’t want those initials looking indecipherable, after all. Be scrupulous in your search; if the jeweller only offers initials for gold signet rings then this might indicate that their skills are somewhat limited. Ask yourself why they can’t provide you with a bespoke design. This usually means that they are not competent in engraving. 

Finally, do ensure that you get the size of your man’s ring correct; there’s nothing more heartbreaking than such a unique, bespoke piece slipping off and getting lost. Consider using one of his current rings as a blueprint.


Let’s face it; blokes love to think they can cook. Many have ambitions to road test their signature spag bol on Masterchef, encouraged by all that macho posturing of shouty, sweary T.V chefs. 

He’s already got the effing and blinding down (you could use that heaving household swearbox to buy this gift!) so why not coax the culinary out of him, too? Precise, pragmatic and, ultimately, delicious cooking starts with a great chef’s knife. Any professional chef will tell you that having a really sharp, comfortable blade makes all that slicing and dicing much more efficient, safer and, whisper it, fun. Once that blade is in his hand, you won’t be able get him out the kitchen…whether that’s a good thing or not, well, the proof is in the pudding.


Hey, here’s an idea.; give the gift of good karma instead of an item destined to gather dust in the attic. No doubt the man in your life will have accumulated a fair amount of clutter over the Christmas period, and will be keen to streamline as the new year begins, rather than accrue more baggage. Should your fella be a kind soul, then a donation to their favourite charity will be just the ticket.