Ideal for taking care of your feline friend in 2021.

We all want a fat, fluffy friend like Garfield. However, if you stuff your cat with lasagna every day, you’re practically digging that kitty’s grave with your bare hands. Sorry, it turned morose there rather quickly. Anyway…

However tempting it is to spoil your cat regularly, responsible, loving owners instead prioritise healthy, sustainable diets containing all the nutrients they need. Whether you opt for canned, dry, or raw food, you need to make sure that it’s healthy and you most definitely need to change it up regularly; cats are fickle creatures who get bored of the same thing quickly. 

So, continue reading to find out fast, easy, and healthy food recipes you can prepare for your beloved kitty. Here are 6 healthy recipes that your cat will love, IDEAL for taking care of your feline friend in 2021.


It’s certainly true that cats and fish have a better love story than many of us will ever enjoy. However, as we all know, love can sometimes be toxic. Fish is richer in iodine than poultry; if your cat suffers from feline hyperthyroidism, then it is best to give them food which is low in iodine. 

Expert veterinarians recommend using these cat foods without iodine in case your cat suffers from this health condition. That said, if you’re looking to use ingredients from around the house in a healthy way for your cat, then here are three cracking meal ideas using fish…

Mackerel & Brown Rice

Hey, we’d eat this one, too. 

Let’s start with a simple mackerel recipe that your cat would devour in no time. All you need is a can of mackerel, 15 grams of cooked brown rice, 1/2 tablespoon of sunflower seed oil, some chicken or beef stock (plain, rather than flavoured with vegetables and seasonings), and you’re good to go! If you don’t have the stock element, then water will do just fine. Simply blend all that good stuff in the processor and toss it in the fridge. It should keep, covered, for a couple of days. 

Sardines, Oatmeal & Carrots

Sardines are also easy to come by, cheap and beloved of cats. You’ll need 3 simple ingredients, namely a can of sardines, 25 grams of cooked oatmeal, and 20 grams of cooked carrots. Mash it all together in a bowl and voila, dinner is served! 

Tuna Mash-Up

Another easy recipe to prepare is what we call ‘tuna mashup’. Just chop a hard-boiled egg and add 1 tablespoon of canola oil over a can of tuna, then crush 1 multi-mineral vitamin tablet, 2 bone meal tablets, mix everything up and your – sorry, your cat’s – meal is ready.

Fish recipes adapted from the good guys at Love To Know.


Variety is key to maintaining the best diet for your cat. There’s no doubt that some days you’ll be running late and you’ll have to opt for dry food; however, it’s generally better to feed your cat more natural food. Now, we hope that they’re ready for some gourmet food, because these recipes might get you the cat version of a Michelin star…

Dark Chicken Meat, White Rice & Potato

Boil 75 grams of white rice alongside 45 grams of potato, add 6 grams of olive oil and mix them all with 120 grams of baked dark chicken meat. Serve to a happy cat who is licking their lips expectantly.

Beef, White Rice & Mashed Potato

You can also use beef instead, and mix it up with 6 grams of sesame oil instead of olive oil as well as 75 grams of mashed potato. Enjoy.

Pork, Wild Rice & Sweet Potato

Saving the best ‘till last…

Start by baking 100 grams of pork in the oven, then cook 60 grams of wild rice and 37.5 grams of sweet potato. For the final touch, add 5 grams of safflower oil and you’re all set. You can also add a third of a teaspoon of the all-in-one supplement Pure All to all of the previous recipes. 

These meat recipes have been adapted from Cat Pet’s great tips on homemade cat food.


Making great meals for your feline friend and keeping their diet rich and varied is key to their health and happiness. Always consult with your veterinarians before changing your cat’s diet and remember to take into account any allergies your cat may have before trying out these recipes.