So we bid farewell to another festive season. We hope yours was merry and generous, and your teeth survived all of the gritted smiles you issued in one piece. Discarded Christmas trees line every urban pavement and ‘can I recycle wrapping paper’ is entered into google once every 3 seconds. But just as you thought it was curtains on courtesy for another year, you remember that special someone, whether it be your father, husband or even nephew, has a birthday fast approaching. Well, if all your imaginative presents were used up under the Christmas tree, then we’re here to help. Here are 5 unique gift ideas IDEAL  for the special man in your life in 2018.


For something as natural as the hair which grows on our face, beards have never been more personified, eulogised and given way too many column inches to. After years of the bigger the better in terms of facial hair, 2017 had commentators declaring that all things hirsute were over. Well, 2018 is set to see a return of beards, albeit in a more kempt, refined style. Buying gifts – and kissing, for that matter – will be less fraught with uncertainty, and we think a beard grooming kit is the perfect present for those seeking tidy, nuanced facial hair this year.


Giving a gift the recipient genuinely, wholeheartedly, truthfully wants is tough. Really tough. Giving them that little touch of autonomy, it seems, is the answer. An all-encompassing ticket voucher to a generic ticket website places the choice in the hands of the receiver as to which concert, theatre performance, show and so on, they go to. You might benefit from this one, too, as they’ll more than likely choose to take you as their plus one! A double-win.


Blokes love to think they can cook, spurred on by the macho posturing of shouty, sweary T.V chefs. He’s already got the effing and blinding down, so why not coax the culinary out of him too. Silliness aside, encouraging fresh food and focus is definitely no bad thing, and without doubt great cooking starts with a great chef’s knife.


A subtle, unshowy statement of sophistication; the simple wallet can show real elegance in the owner. We’re all for dark colours and a single fold design, and please, no money clips. We particularly like the enduringly cool Aspinal design or maybe something a little more out there, such as crocodile skin wallets, both for their simplicity and relatively compact size.


Guys and gadgets; a modern marriage made in heaven. But clumsy accidents happen to the best of us and technology isn’t exactly resilient. Electronics cleaning putty, then, is just the thing for someone always at a keyboard or with a phone in their hand. It’s reusable and gets in all the crevices that simply blowing on a device won’t. This slime-like putty causes zero damage too, so like magic, all those coffee spillages and food splashes are a thing of the past.