We’re sure that we don’t have to tell you twice; your whole world changes when you have a baby. You’ve got this incredible (and often exhausting) new responsibility and you’ll want to do everything you can to protect and love your child. 

Though of course a parents’ instinct and intuition are invaluable in the early months, a little advice from the experts is always useful, too, for reassurance and guidance. With that in mind, here are 5 more ways to ensure your baby is happy, healthy and loved in their first few months. 


We all know how little sleep new parents get. So little, in fact, that we imagine that if this wasn’t such an invigorating read, you might have dropped off by now…

Hey, you! Back in the room….

Though a fragmented night’s sleep is part and parcel of being a new parent, experts suggest that it’s vital you try and sleep while the baby sleeps, enabling you to catch up on some lost zeds; you need to look after yourself so you can look after them, after all. is

To ensure your baby doesn’t wake up from throwing their covers off, throwing all your hard work at getting them down out of the window, too, an organic baby sleeping bag is a game change, as they come in different thicknesses to suit the seasons. These bags can help r eassure some of the temperature issues concerning your baby’s bedding, allowing you both to get the rest you need.


Making sure you are feeding your baby everything it needs is, of course, a must for their wellbeing. For the first six months, you will be using breast milk or formula before introducing solid foods.

It’s important to remember that, initially, how much they eat is less important, and it’s more about simply getting them used to eating. Slowly introducing your baby to new foods and a variety of vitamins and fibre helps them learn healthy eating habits which they’ll use for life.


The more you interact with your baby, the more you’ll be helping them learn in the future and develop into a well-rounded person later down the line. Toys and games are a great way to do this, and you can both enjoy them (hey, there’s no shame in admitting you love chewing on Sophie the Giraffe, too). 

Games that involve hands are simple but effective, as you are engaging with your baby, keeping their attention, and encouraging them to physically interact with their surroundings. They’ll learn valuable lessons about touch, being tactile, dexterity and balance, even at their young age. It’s amazing when you think about it!


There’s nothing quite like the sacred connection between a parent and their child. Most feel an implausibly strong bond with their baby even before they’ve given birth. That said, there’s no shame if you don’t feel that connection straight away; give yourself time and don’t put pressure on yourself. The more you care for your child, the more your bond will grow. Get skin-to-skin contact as soon as you can; cuddles, smiling, and eye contact are also important and hugely meaningful for both parent and the little one. 


Even before a baby can speak, they’ll enjoy hearing you read to them. From an early age, it gives them a feel for language, enabling them to understand and respond to different pitches and get a sense of the rhythm of language, too. 

What’s more, and most importantly, it’s how they pick up language in the first place. As such, reading can help you both bond, will develop emotional wellbeing and get your baby moving on the road to speaking. 


Your time with your newborn is so special and will go unbelievably fast; cherish every moment! 

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