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With so much of modern-day life and business taking place digitally, on the cloud, the storing of data has become both vital and vulnerable in the operational management of any and all companies.

People will store their sensitive and important data on the cloud, bringing a wide range of benefits, whether this is the simplifying of sharing files with friends and family members or collaborating more efficiently, remotely, with colleagues. 

That said, anytime that data is stored digitally there will always be an element of threat which is important to be aware of, and protection of this data needs to be an absolute priority. So, why exactly is data protection important when it comes to cloud computing? Here are 5 considerations, IDEAL for individuals and companies looking to increase their privacy.


One of the main reasons data security is so important with cloud computing is that the data itself is incredibly valuable – it was, in fact, the highest value resource in the world in 2020 – and is often sensitive, too. 

Even basic, personal information, such as names, addresses, email addresses, and dates of birth, are information that not everyone will want to share with the world, and from a business standpoint, there will be sensitive information including customer data, financial transactions and business data, which needs to be kept safe. A data breach or leak can erode trust in a business so comprehensively that many who suffer from such an occurrence don’t survive. It’s therefore crucial that companies invest in data protection for the cloud.


Following this point, cybercrime is fast on the rise and something that both businesses and individuals need to constantly be on their guard against. The pandemic has led to a sharp increase in digital attacks, with the public feeling both vulnerable and desperate, and criminals are preying on this, accordingly.

As such, it is important to be aware of the latest attacks and scams out there, so that people and businesses can stay vigilant and find the best way to protect their sensitive information. This might include using random and complex passwords, two-factor authentication and access control as a matter of routine, and also using cloud back up solutions which enable you to protect and restore date in the event of a breach. The experts at recommend that, particularly in the event of ‘’a ransomware attack’’ or ‘’permissions fiascos’’, it’s essential to get yourself covered.


Everyone is aware that businesses collect data, and this can be incredibly useful for companies looking to learn more about their consumers and reach their target market in the most effective way possible, but as data is such a valuable commodity, businesses must take steps to protect this important information, which will help build trust with the consumer. 

Customers are beginning to demand more transparency when it comes to data collection (new data laws are consistently being legislated to facilitate this demand) and they will want to know that the business has strong privacy and security practices in place that will ensure that their data stays safe.


The cloud allows businesses to access critical financial data using any device and from anywhere in the world, allowing for greater mobility and dexterous handling of responsibilities at work. 

Furthermore, a huge amount of data is generated here, providing you with the latest statistics that indicate the overall performance of your business and areas where it can improve available at a few clicks. But with such mobility comes vulnerabilities, particularly if you’re accessing public WiFi or using the internet in parts of the world with divergent privacy laws to the ones you’re used to. To avail yourself of the benefits of the cloud without leaving yourself vulnerable to breaches, it’s essential you invest in protection and backup your data, too.


Finally, data protection in the cloud is important for your personal peace of mind. With cybercrime fast on the rise and people using the cloud so much for personal and business usage, it is understandable that people might have anxiety about using the cloud and storing any kind of data. 

When you have robust security and protection in place, it allows you to use the cloud with confidence and enjoy all of the many great benefits that cloud computing can bring to an individual and a business.


When cloud computing plays such a key role in modern-day life and business, data protection is of the utmost importance, and people need to be able to rest assured knowing that their data is being kept safe and secure, no matter what.

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