Whether you’re a socialite or hermit, a slave to the office or work from home, a fan of adventure or a lover of domestic comforts, your home should always be a pleasant, productive environment. Regardless of the amount of time you spend in your castle, a few, simple, low cost tweaks can make it an infinitely more calming space. Of all the adjustments and additions you could make, the most foolproof and straightforward, we think, is the addition of some indoor greenery. And here’s why; our 5 IDEAL reasons every home should have a plant pot.


A double-header here, but inextricably linked for sure. Having pot plants in the home is fantastic if you work from your domestic space, as they have been proven to boost productivity and focus. Studies have consistently shown that having a minimalist space bolstered by the presence of greenery is the perfect environment for content workers full of concentration. Obviously huge trees or unkempt foliage aren’t exactly conducive to a steely focus – clutter is the enemy of performance, after all – but some well groomed, small plants are great.

House plants also serve to absorb some of the background noise – especially high pitched tones – that seem to blight modern life. If you, like us, find it impossible to focus at times and block out the endless questions and distractions of 2018, then pot plants could be part of the answer


Styling your home with a little greenery can add that final flourish to your interior design.  Plant pots come in all shapes and sizes, and no matter if your house is big or small, there’s always room for plants. You can add a few mini cacti to your windowsill, place a tall tropical plant in the corner or hang a codonanthe crassifolia from your ceiling – the choice is yours. From classic brass pots to geometric patterns to natural white planters, a plant pot can also elevate your home decor and add a pop of colour to any space. What’s more, you can easily move them, put them in different places for a change and if you want to redecorate, simple – just add a new colour or pattern of plant pot to your room. These gorgeous pot plants from Albert & Moo are just the ticket – the ultimate home accessory. We adore the cool geo vibe oozing from the brands plant and plant pot combo (pictured above).


We all know the aesthetic benefits of looking around the room and seeing the vibrant colours of pot plants. It lifts the mood, make no mistake. Think about it; we surround ourselves with flowers in times of both celebration and tragedy, to soothe us, to lift the spirits and to be a visual representation of our feelings. Well, research confirms these assumptions; having foliage and greenery around is great for emotional wellbeing. It’s sometimes down the the simplest of things; apparently having something to care for and maintain, however innocuous, brings with it a sense of self-worth and purpose. Gardening is often cited as an alleviator of depression, so it makes perfect sense to bring all that positive energy indoors.


Certified by NASA, the air purifying qualities of pot plants shouldn’t be underestimated. They humidify the air and remove some toxins, which reduces the negative impact of dry air, as well as dust, on our respiratory system. If you’re an asthma sufferer, for instance, houseplants are a must. It’s not just the leaves and flowers doing the dirty work; microbes present in a pot plants soil also aid the air cleaning process. Not all plants were created equal for this process, so choose wisely.


It’s said that the scent of plants in the home calms us down and promotes a restful night’s sleep, and who doesn’t want that? Jasmine and lavender come highly recommended – even reading those names brings about a feeling of inner peace in us…………zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Whoops, sorry, we dropped off for a minute there. Keep a plant in your bedroom, close to where you rest your head, for maximum effect.


We all want to connect more with the great outdoors, to lay in a field, frolic amongst the long grass or climb a tree and stay up there for a little longer than is normal. We’re all also too busy to act on these desires; there are too many notifications to check, emails to reply to and selfies to pose for. Bringing the outside in, then, with pot plants, is that little nod to nature in times of urban suffocation.