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Here at IDEAL we’re all about individuality. Being free to express yourself any which way you choose is the best way to get the job done in our minds, of that there is no doubt. Because of this, we’re predisposed to disapprove of uniforms; identikit and inspiration rarely go hand in hand. That said, there are times when branded workwear can have a positive impact on productivity and performance. Time for a bit of devil’s advocate, then, with these; our 6 IDEAL reasons why it works to wear workwear.


Wearing a uniform at work can be a great leveller. As many incredibly successful entrepreneurs have stated, wearing something plain, simple and consistent (such as Mark Zuckerburgs famed preference for grey t-shirts) helps focus the mind on the work at hand, rather than being gripped by choice and unnecessary decision making early in the day before you can contemplate any of the big stuff. Indeed, uniforms remove the burden of deciding what to wear in the morning. A practical step, for sure.


In general people tend to work best in the type of clothes that go with their job, and that is determined by the nature of the work. Uniforms at work can be designed to suit the specific type of labour, making them a practical, safe and most comfortable choice. Of course, the type of workwear an employer chooses should match with the type of weather and conditions of the workplace. In the case of hot and humid conditions, for instance, a cool, breathable ensemble works best. For a colder environment, synthetic, warm fabric is more suitable. The guys from blaklader clothing can help you design custom workwear that suits your work needs.


Several studies have revealed that what you wear influences your thinking and frame of mind. This is particularly pertinent when considering workwear. Uniforms and personalised workwear can help prepare employees psychologically by helping to draw a line under the weekend and adopt the focused, efficient mindset needed for productivity and innovation. 

That said, while some studies have found that dressing casually promotes a more relaxed attitude to work and lowers productivity – other studies suggest that wearing casual clothes increases productivity by up to 40%. Which one to believe…


As we all know, branding is so important and its value should never be underestimated. When employees are decked out in a slick, matching uniform, their engagement with the core brand is enhanced. What’s more, by delivering a precise, easy to understand brand image, customer loyalty is likely to be improved, as in many people’s minds, workwear equates to professionalism and trust. 


As fashion psychologist Karen Pine told the Guardian uniforms help people feel like they fit in with co-workers. Indeed “A dress code can act as a way of signalling belonging, of being part of the tribe. Many people starting a new job draw comfort from the dress code and often say that as soon as they put it on they feel ready to take on their new role”. And anything that makes people feel more at ease, we’re on board with.


As we’ve said, workwear is synonymous with professionalism in the workplace, implying that the employees are a homogenous whole, a well oiled machine, if you will, rather than disparate parts. Though this can sometimes have a detrimental impact, in terms of creativity and independence, but in some offices and workplaces this well drilled vibe is essential to success.

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