If you happen to be lucky enough to have a backyard and you love the idea of spending time outside with friends and family, you might be looking for some ideas on how you can make this space a true entertainment oasis. Because woe betide those blessed with such a space who let it go to waste. It’s time to embrace being outdoors and amongst it whenever the weather allows, with your garden being the life, soul and focus of all the neighbourhood socialising. No more buying the drinks for you, then, with these; our 6 IDEAL tips for creating a backyard built for entertaining.


If your patio is a dreary space (weeds, cig butts, broken stone…you know the story) we’d hazard a guess that you usually avoid spending time there. Remodelling, then, it is a great way to encourage its increased use. With some simple DIY work, you can easily fix up the flooring and make the space far more hospitable. If there’s no shade, then such a space can feel pretty barren, but by adding some in the form of constructing a permanent roof, installing some retractable awnings or even simply by adding an umbrella, you’ll create a far more agreeable foundation for fun and frivolity.


On the other hand, maybe it’s the layout of the furniture that’s dissuading friends from congregating here. Let’s be honest, the type of seating provided can make such a difference, so try some different setups to see whether the ambience will change and if not, consider investing in new pieces that will improve the look of the entire patio. Get some comfy rattan or wicker furniture and add plenty of soft and patterned cushions and blankets. You can even incorporate a daybed to make this space suitable for seriously low’n’lazy summer hangouts with your squad.


Simply ‘hanging out’ is rarely enough, and if the name of the game is entertaining, then you can also add a decent grill which will allow you to throw amazing summer barbeques, lunches and dinners. It’s vital to find the right place for this addition, as you need it to be close enough to be convenient when tending to the cook, but far enough away so as not to pollute the party air. 


No one said that your idea of entertainment has to include other people. If you’re a plant lover, you can create a little gardening area in your backyard where you can take care of your favourite fruits, veggies and herbs. If these could then also provide for those barbeques we mentioned above, then all the better. 

When choosing what you will grow, you should definitely include some edible plants that can be harvested even during winter as that means you will have a fresh, sustainable source of food all year long. To make this area as aesthetically pleasing as possible, you can add gravel and pebbles. Alternatively, if your backyard is on the smaller side, then you can construct a raised-bed garden.


A fire pit will not only take the look of your outdoor space up a notch, providing a focal point for guests to stare enigmatically into, but it’ll also make you feel warm and cosy when nights get cold. Having this feature immediately transforms your space into an all year rounder, which is a boast not all backyards can lay claim to. You don’t even have to buy one; check out instructions online on how to make one of your own. If you’re handy, why not create something that fits your needs and space perfectly?


Having a roof over a certain area of your yard allows some more extravagant entertainment options than the simple art of popping a few bottles and having a conversation. For example, adding a huge wall-mounted TV can be great for organizing outdoor movie marathons with your friends and family, or alternatively hosting Superbowl and other big game parties. Moreover, make sure to get great speakers and mood lighting to create an immersive experience; music can make anything seem like a party, we think.