Japandi… a hybrid of Japanese minimalism and modern Scandi, is an interiors trend that combines natural structures, warm tones and striking accents. If the bamboo, wood and neutral tones synonymous with the trend have caught your eye, then the bathroom is the perfect place to incorporate this stunning style. 

The Japandi trend experienced an incredible increase in popularity last year; there are now over 24’000 posts tagged with #japandi on Instagram and 97% more searches for ‘what is Japandi’ since the start of 2020, further proving that there is a huge appetite for this calming, neutral decor style.   

If you’re not quite sure if the Japandi trend is right for your home, then the bathroom is the perfect place to try it out for size. From wooden bathroom accessories and humidity-loving houseplants to larger updates such as floating vanity units and neutral coloured flooring options, there are so many ways to incorporate Japandi styling into your space, whatever your budget and level of DIY expertise. With the help from our friends at Victorian Plumbing, here are 6 ideas for creating your perfect Japandi bathroom. 


Japandi design favours a muted colour palette of dusty greys, pale blues and soft pinks and richer tones such as teal, indigo, emerald and black. Start with a neutral shade and create contrast by adding a mix of light woods and stark black hues. Keep the palette monochrome for a relaxing feel, but don’t be afraid to incorporate vibrant tones through houseplants or small vases. 


Japandi sees a fusion of the timeless elegance of the Japanese aesthetic with the clean modernity we associate with contemporary Scandinavian style. Look for wall mounted features to maximise surface space and choose contemporary finishes such as matt black or brushed gold to adhere to the Japanese colour palette. For easy decor inspiration, take inspiration from the Scandi style and consider a patterned or wooden bath mat, wooden stool or bath caddy. 


When it comes to choosing materials, Japandi looks to nature for inspiration. Bamboo and rattan furniture, linen soft furnishing, and accessories with a natural finish will achieve the perfect foundation, whilst Japanese features such as tatami mats and origami shades complete the look. 

Using a mixture of both interior trends in your design allows you to create a sense of harmonious contrast. Try using a mix of wood tones as a foundational layer and begin to incorporate pieces with both curved and straight lines to add a unique sense of texture to the bathroom. 


Natural fibres and sustainable materials are key elements of the Japandi style. When searching for decorative pieces for your Japandi style, look towards indoor plants, which provide a touch of natural beauty indoors. Instead of colourful flower displays, go for the simple deep greenery of a houseplant in an understated terracotta pot or elegant vase to best bring nature into your home

Low light, high humidity and temperature fluctuations need to be considered when choosing plants for a bathroom. Opt for a spider plant, aloe vera, snake plant or Chinese evergreen, which thrive in the bathroom environment. 

As well as using plants, Japandi interiors look to introduce a sense of tranquillity; this can be done by focusing on raw materials, such as marble, wood, brass and slate. Aim to use raw materials which allow you to bring a natural edge into any bathroom. 


Decluttered, functional spaces are essential to creating a zen-filled interior. The minimalist Japandi vibe advocates zero clutter. Try establishing free-flowing floor and countertop space by clearing toiletries and other bathroom products, choose a wall hung vanity unit to free up floor space and give the illusion of a bigger bathroom, or opt for enclosed storage baskets. 


The base of the bathroom should be kept clean and minimal; however, textures will bring warmth and a sense of personality into the room. The Japanese are recognised for incorporating beautiful patterns into their interiors, while the Scandinavian trend is known for adding intensity through accessories. Combine the two trends by adding a patterned bath mat, Namiko hand towels or a stylish plant pot – simple and elegant! 

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