Moving into a new house is exciting. The prospect of settling down in a different place and starting fresh is enough to inspire butterflies in the stomach, enthusiasm about new beginnings and, of course, a touch of trepidation. 

Yep, moving house can be tiring and let’s be honest, pretty overwhelming – enough to temper even the most optimistic of outsets if not done with proper planning and preparation in place. 

The first few weeks in your home can feel pretty foreign, and if you’re to settle in smoothly, there are a few things you can do to help this process go without a hitch. Here’s the essentials; our 6 tips for settling into your new home quickly.


Giving your home a clean from the get-go is one surefire way to help you settle in quickly, freshening up the property and resetting it for new occupation. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like giving a new house a good scrub from top-to-bottom yourself to make it feel like your own. As the guys at Modern Maids, providers of Houston house cleaning, tell us, washing off the remnants of previous tenants, even if it has been given a thorough end-of-tenancy clean, feels symbolic.

Pest Inceptors, who offer pest control services in Birmingham, suggest checking for ensuring your home is completely free of pests before you start unpacking, too, to eliminate any risk of lurking issues whilst all your possessions are still boxed up. 


On the day of your arrival and after a long day of trying to settle in, you will want to have a comfortable place to rest. No one wants to tumble into their new, unmade bed amongst dusty boxes; you’re going to need a solid sleep to finish your unpacking the following day. 

So, do endeavour to create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom as a matter of priority, by setting up your bed with fresh sheets and pillows and minimising the clutter in here for your first night. Bring in your bedside table and lamp, add your softest rug, and if you’re still up to it, you may want to do a little decorating. Nope, we’re not suggesting getting the walls painted, but perhaps hang a photo to make yourself feel at home. Light some candles, plug in a speaker, and picture life here in a favourable light. Then, the likelihood of a restful night’s sleep is improved.

Being well-rested for the next day’s activities is crucial.


As you progress throughout your new property, try to focus on one area of the house before moving on to the next. Multitasking is the enemy of productivity in almost every scenario, and that’s certainly true for the inevitable headache of moving house and the subsequent settling in process.

Flitting from one place to another is not as efficient as you may imagine. Instead of saving time, you are left at the end of the day with several half-finished rooms. Try to complete the arrangement of one area before moving onto the next for best results. Before you know it, everything is in place and exactly how you want it.


You may be tempted to put everything away as quickly as you can to make your home look neat and tidy. But in all honestly, it’s more prudent to collect your thoughts and decide on the arrangements you want with precision and foresight prior to unpacking everything in haste. 

There really is no need to rush. Consider the storage spaces, cabinets, and closets and think of what you want to put where. This is an excellent way of getting organised from the start and avoids storage issues later down the line that you might feel too burdened to remedy.


We’ll reiterate here; don’t rush. And aside from unpacking, this also applies keenly to decorating. Instead of jumping in with the paintbrush and slicking your walls a vibrant shade, or hanging all of your art in the first spot you identify, wait to decorate your house for a short while after moving. The ‘natural’ place for things will only become clear over time; don’t box yourself into a corner the moment you move in.


The simplest way to make a new house feel like a home is to invite your family and closest friends over soon after moving in to create a happy atmosphere in your home. Indeed, the sound of good conversation and laughter accompanied by good food is a surefire sign that you are home, rather than simply in a house. And that’s precisely why you’re here, right?

Hey, if you’re keen on more of the same kinda content, then we’re reversing back in time from the settling in process, and directing you to our IDEAL guide to moving house, stress free. Go on, check it out.

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