7 Ideal Pizza Restaurants in Brighton & Hove

Until recently, Britain’s favourite seaside town (don’t @me Blackpool) wasn’t exactly blessed with fantastic pizza restaurants. With the popularity of fish’n’chips on the pebbles permeating every lunch and dinner choice, the humble pizza was marginalised, pushed to the back of the inappropriate fan ovens of Pizza Hut, Papa Johns et al. 

Fortunately, that’s changed. Brighton now boasts some of the best pizza restaurants around, with wood fired ovens at 500°C churning out authentic Neapolitan style pies in just minutes. New Yorkian ‘by the slice’ joints are also enjoying well deserved popularity in the city. So, if you’re looking for the best places to get your pizza fix, whether it’s Neapolitan, Roman or New Yorker, and wondering where to eat the best pizza in Brighton and Hove, then read on; here are our 7 IDEAL pizza restaurants in Brighton & Hove.  


Five years after the original Fatto e Mano opened on Brighton’s London Road, two more outposts have opened (one in Hove and one in the city’s North Laines) and world domination seems the only next logical step. Each restaurant is packed every day of the week and it’s easy to see why. 

The pizzas are as authentic as they come; wood fired quickly, so the cheese remains delicate rather than singed, the dough soft and pillowy not burnt and crispy, with a blistered crust and restrained, respectful toppings, true to the Italian tradition. The name translates as ‘handmade’ in Italian, and that’s certainly the vibe here; everything is made from scratch and with love, and it shows. It’s great value, too, with no dish over a tenner.

Even if pizza isn’t your thing (how have you got this far into the article, by the way?), Fatto e Mano has some excellent starters and sides to see you well fed; their aubergine parmigiana, in particular, is ace.

As of 11th May 2020, Fatto e Mano are offering delivery all over Brighton and Hove. The pizza delivery game in the city just got kicked up a notch!

Website: www.fattoamanopizza.com
London Rd: 77 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JF
North Laines: 21 Kensington St, Brighton BN1 4AJ
Hove: 65-67 Church Rd, Hove BN3 2BD


The new kid on the block, on a street of already fine places to eat, is already making big noises in the city. Yep, though Nanninella has only been open on Preston Street for a few months, they’ve already gained a sterling reputation for fantastic pizzas, blistered, burnished and traditional, just as it should be. In fact, their primary product is so good, our only complaint is that they don’t deliver.* Nor is there even a menu online. Word of mouth it is, then. 

Not to worry, the vibe inside, all brightly coloured tiles and a view into the hot glow of the pizza oven, frames a hospitable, enjoyable place to spend time. What’s more, the staff are lovely. Our favourite pizza here – and in the whole of Brighton, in fact – is the provola e pepe, which uses smoked mozzarella and freshly ground black pepper to great effect. Any pizza featuring their fresh burrata is equally wonderful. Already our favourite pizza restaurant in Brighton.

Address: 26 Preston St, Brighton BN1 2HN 
Facebook: nanninellapizzeria.co.uk


If you’re after a pizza more in the New York style, then the (currently) delivery only Original Toby’s is quite comfortably the best of its kind in town.

The 12 inch pizza ‘pies’ boast a sturdier crust than their Italian cousins – here, adorned with freshly grated parmesan – and a base designed to support Toby’s super generous toppings.

Though a Toby’s Pizza is certainly one time we actively enjoy a hefty topping of meat on our pie, the absolute classic order here has got to be the charred courgette, which is a real winner.

Since their inception during lockdown (an opening we were incredibly grateful for during that surreal first stretch), the menu has grown, but one mainstay is the Original Toby’s dips, ideal both for that delicious crust we mentioned, and the fried potato skins. To really hammer home that American sensibility, we’re hopelessly devoted to their hamburglar dip….purists be damned; it’s amazing.

As of May 2022, Toby’s are currently slinging their pizzas by-the-slice at Bison Beer North Laine. Brighton’s favourite craft brewery and one of the city’s best pizzas? It’s a match made in heaven!

Available for delivery only, on Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Address: 38 Preston Rd, Brighton, BN1 4QF
Deliveroo: deliveroo.co.uk


Very Italian Pizza…yep, it’s infuriating that’s it’s not called VIPizza, but there ya go. In fact, it’s sometimes stylised as PizzaVip, which makes things even more confusing. Regardless, since the first two joints on our list are collection only, and because the pizzas at VIP are lovely, we think it’s safe to say that these guys do the best pizza delivery in Brighton. Of course, you can dine in, too, at their restaurant on Old Steine Road, if getting out of your pants to get elbows deep in dough is your thing.

The pizzas here tick all the boxes you want from an ‘authentic’ offering; wood fired at high heat, a sourdough going back generations, a farm in Naples which provides the ingredients, San Marzano tomatoes, Caputo double zero flour…it’s all there and it’s all poetic AF. The result is something very delicious indeed. Don’t be put off by the huge menu; though pizza paradox of choice is a very real thing indeed, just go with your gut. It’ll thank you later.

In May 2021, VIP Pizza opened their second offering in Brighton’s excellent beachside food market Shelter Hall, under the name ‘Amalfi’. Expect similarly solid pizza and great vibes in the sun.

Website: pizzavip.co.uk
Address: 19 Old Steine, Brighton BN1 1EL 


Tucked away off Western Road, on Cross Street, is Pronto In Tavola, a tiny Italian restaurant which packs a big punch. Though they may not have a proper wood fired oven, the vibe is so wonderfully chaotic, authentic and charming that we’re willing to overlook that. Opening times are unpredictable, wine bottles with candle wax dripping down the sides flicker, traditional Italian folk and opera plays, and chef Nino chats enthusiastically with guests over the pass or on the phone. Oh yes. What’s more, the pizzas are genuinely great, as is their arancini and gnocchi. An absolute blast of a neighbourhood restaurant.

Website: www.prontointavola.co.uk
Address: 43 Waterloo St, Brighton, Hove BN3 1AY 


PUREZZA Brighton

Something a little different and a lot ‘Brighton’ to finish with. Purezza is the UK’s first plant based pizzeria, doing vegan, gluten free sourdough, ‘pioneering’ pizzas which don’t sacrifice on flavour. That’s partly because of the huge wood fired (nine times and counting) oven which is the centrepiece of the restaurant in Kemptown, and also in no small part down to their intriguing flavour combinations. 

Purezza, meaning ‘purity’ and sounding a bit like pizza (that was the thinking behind the name, right?) use a surprisingly tasty rice based mozzarella, and heaps of delicious seasonal veg to great effect. If plant based is your vibe, or even if it isn’t, Purezza won’t let you down. They’ve proved themselves in a crowded market confidently.

Website: purezza.co.uk 
Address: 12 St James’s St, Brighton BN2 1RE 

YA!MINO *temporarily closed*

For something a little different but no less delicious, on the relative backstreets of Brighton, you’ll find Ya!mino slinging Roman pizza by the slice accompanied by some superb street food suppli (snacks) from Italy’s south for those rocking up hungry.

If you’ve not encountered Roman pizza before, the base is several degrees crunchier than its Neapolitan counterpart, and the slices are, in fact, squares. This means the toppings can be a little more forthright, with the structural integrity of the pizza able to cope without collapsing.

From the suppli selection, a breadcrumbed, deep fried slice of lasagna is simply irresistible and the restaurant’s arancini are excellent, too.

Website: yamino.co.uk
Address: 4A Montpelier Place, Brighton BN1 3BF

Changed your mind on your dinner options? Or still hungry after your pizza? Or perhaps you’re planning tomorrow’s meal and are looking for noodles in Brighton? Aren’t we all? Well, check out our 6 IDEAL places to eat noodles in Brighton for, well….the clue’s in the name isn’t it?

Joseph Gann
Joseph Gann
Chef and food writer, with an interest in mental health and mindfulness

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