The novel coronavirus has changed us in so many ways, but if we’re unleashing our inner Brandon Flowers and looking on the brightside, we’re encouraged to see the sway it’s had on our hairstyles.

For most of us, July couldn’t come soon enough. As stay at home orders meant that most of our manes lost their luxe, we all but clambered back to our most cherished salons the second reopening had begun. Thanks to the careful curation of appointments and improvements in sanitation techniques, we finally had our favourite stylists back; cue much socially distanced embracing, if that’s possible. 

But more than distancing and delay, these stay at home measures have also influenced our actual styles. Renowned stylists Charles Worthington Salon London believes that this downtime will have a big impact on the cuts and colours we will see take hold in the rest of 2020, and offered a few predictions. 

‘’As the top trending tresses have a ‘no muss, no fuss’ elegance that perfectly coincides with the ever present beach vibes of the perfect summer ‘do, we’re definitely seeing deconstructed throw backs and lower maintenance colours, which could be a nod to the dark times before the July reopening of our favorite salons. Or, it could be because these looks are genuinely brilliant. Either way, we’re thrilled with what’s to come.’’ 

With these prognoses in mind, here are 7 trending hairstyles and cuts for late summer 2020.


Braids have never really gone out of style, specifically when talking about tried and true summer hair trends. And for that, we are grateful. During lockdown, it wasn’t exactly easy to give ourselves a DIY home haircut, and braiding was no exception, so we’re pleased to have salons reopen to get our braids back on point.

Braids are not only absolutely stunning hairstyles that can easily make an impact on almost any tresses, they’re also built for any summer scrape you find yourself in, due to their durability. Adding flawless texture and sleek lines, while keeping things under control, braids are ideal for when you don’t want to waste valuable beach time constantly fussing over your locks.


This is a trend we are more than happy to welcome back; solid, natural looking colour that helps celebrate skin tone and bone structure. These styles are truly elegant in an entirely effortless way and create almost an ethereal look that helps each individual shine in their best way. When you’re trying to get the most of the last days of summer, the simplicity of solidity is perfect. 

If yours is dyed, make sure you check out our tips on ways to make your hair colour last longer.


Channelling a kind of post-punk throwback, the simple shag has gotten some serious attitude this year, with micro fringe or curtain bangs added for a fully rockstar textured effect. The low-key 2020 spin on shags lends this style perfectly to naturally curly or wavy hair types, especially if you find yourself lacking the desire to put in style time every morning. 


The microbob, whether perfectly coiffed and curled or left unruly and wild, is ultra desirable this year; being championed by some of the top names in fashion. Charles Worthington Salons strongly believe that this cut will transition perfectly into autumn as it creates an enticing negative space between jawlines and cosy overcoats. The versatile look also plays well with chic and sleek looks of this summer’s colour trends.


If you had told us that the streaky highlights popularised in the noughties would be back, there’s no way we would have believed you. But after seeing the incredible contrast of chunky colors and striking, bold lines, blended beautifully with 2020’s closet- we have to say we’ve had a change of heart. This look brings an intensely defiant feel to some of the most luxurious looks of this year. 


Where ‘18 and ‘19 brought us sleek, quiet, and largely unremarkable ponies, 2020 has resuscitated and revamped the style. With tons of gorgeous volume, clips, bandanas, braids, warps, rhinestones and combs, this year’s pony is anything but forgettable, giving us the chance to inject some whimsy into our post-COVID lifestyles. All the functionality of summer’s favourite look, with just a bit more flair and drama, we think. 


The chunk is the favourite accessory of 2020 fringes. With a bold lash of colour, either simple or daring, the chunk highlight is a fan favourite this summer. Easy to care for, and simple to change your colour as often as you change your mind, the chunk is this year’s favourite kind of hair relationship. No commitment, no hassle, just simply gorgeous hair.