Did you know that over thirty percent of college relationships are long distance? This is absolutely true, and it’s not hard to figure out why. When you’re in school, you might start a relationship but there’s no guarantee you’ll end up at the same college. That means you could spend four of five years apart from someone who you have slowly grown attached to. It’s not just students and the youth who enter into these types of partnerships either. People of all ages can find themselves in a long distance relationship. Usually, this is due to an online relationship. It’s easier than ever to meet someone online, form a connection and slowly start to become romantically involved. But when forty percent of long distance relationships fail, how can you guarantee yours survives?

Use The Tech

The best option if you’re interested in protecting your LDR is to make sure you use all the tech at your fingertips. This includes everything from video calling to instant messaging and email. These days, it’s possible to leave a video call on all day every day. That way, you’re never really completely apart from the person you’re dating. They are always connected to you, they are always there. Of course, this isn’t the only tech. You can also share screens to watch films and TV shows together or play games. Anything like this is going to make you feel more connected even when they might be half a world away.

Make the Effort

If you want your LDR to survive this does mean that you need to travel and put in the effort. You can’t just expect the relationship to survive based purely on online interactions. At the same time though this doesn’t mean you have to spend every weekend traveling to see your partner. It’s just important that you meet as much as practically possible. There will be constraints such as finances and time that you will need to contend with. But ultimate if you are committed, there’s no reason you can’t overcome these problems.

Close The Gap

An LDR can’t exist that way forever. Eventually, you do need to think about closing the gap. One of the ways you can do this is through marriage. By marrying your partner, you can remove some of the obstacles that are keeping you apart like immigration laws. If you are married you are legally permitted to stay in an international country. With something like a spouse visa, it is possible to stay in a country like the UK, America or Canada. Although, there are some requirements that you will need to meet.

Get Used To It

One of the main reasons an LDR fails is because people think there’s a stronger connection than there is. For instance, you might feel devoted to someone. But unless you’ve lived with someone for more than a few weeks how can you know? Extended stays are crucial for ensuring that you are fighting for a real relationship that will work once the barriers of distance are broken down.