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With its majestic blue skies, quaint whitewashed villages, golden sandy beaches, and legendary ancient sites, Greece is a destination that continually lures UK holidaymakers to its stunning shores. 

However, holiday expenses can add up quickly. According to a report by UK consumer association Which?, as reported by the Guardian, package holidays to Greece from the UK have seen a significant increase in 2023, with prices rising by 30% compared to 2022. 

This means that a seven-night vacation at a Greek destination will cost a British tourist approximately £867, a £200 increase from the previous year. Furthermore, airline fares to Greece have also jumped by 71% for Easter 2023.

However, it’s important to note that the cost of your holiday can vary greatly depending on your travel style and preferences. For instance, if you’re planning a luxury stay, you could expect to spend upwards of $10’000 (around £7’600) for a two-week holiday, according to We3Travel

That said, as Budget Your Trip illuminates, a more spending-savvy holiday to Greece might clock in at around $2’400 (around £1’500) for a week’s break. 

Another price estimation, this time from Statista, suggests that a mid-range trip to Greece for a UK holidaymaker may cost around £120-£180 per day in 2023. This estimate includes accommodation, meals, local transportation, and minor daily expenses. However, fluctuations occur, mainly due to peak tourist seasons when prices can leap.

Yep, it’s clear that a holiday to Greece in 2023 isn’t going to come cheap.

The Average Cost Of A Greek Holiday In 2023

In 2023, the cost of a Greek holiday can significantly vary, depending on factors such as the time of year, the length of stay, the type of accommodation, dining choices, and the planned activities.

Accommodation Costs

A primary concern for many holidaymakers is the cost of accommodation. Hotels are typically more expensive on islands like Mykonos and Santorini, where a night can cost between £150 to £400. However, other islands like Corfu or Crete offer prices as low as £40-£90 per night for a decent hotel, as per

Eating Out In Greece

Another aspect that can impact your budget is dining. Luckily, Greece offers an array of affordable culinary delights. Even in touristy areas, you can expect to pay around £10-£15 for a decent meal in a local taverna, according to Numbeo.

How Can You Budget Better?

Now that you have an idea about the average expenses, let’s learn some tips to budget your holiday better in 2023.

Travel Off-Peak

Travelling to Greece during non-peak seasons (April to June and September to October) can help you avoid the heavy tourist rush and inflated prices. You can get flights and accommodation for nearly half the price, as compared to the peak summer months. Websites like Skyscanner can help find the cheapest flight options.

Choose Budget Accommodation

Staying in local guesthouses, budget hotels, or even Airbnb homes can significantly reduce your costs. Booking in advance and opting for accommodations slightly off the main tourist areas can also give you better deals.

Eat Like A Local

Skip the tourist-trap restaurants and head to local tavernas or street food stalls. Besides saving money, you’ll get a genuine taste of Greek cuisine.

Choose Less Visited Islands

Popular islands like Mykonos and Santorini tend to be more expensive. Consider visiting less travelled islands such as Corfu and Milos to save money.

According to a article, three of the most affordable Greek islands are Tinos, Ikaria, and Kythnos. From affordable guesthouses, hostels, and hotels to boutique hotels, expect a decent range of various accommodation options to cover all budgets and tastes. Add to all these the several traditional Greek villas and available vacation rentals that allow guests to immerse themselves in the local culture while being pampered with a unique ‘home away from home’ sensation, and you start to get a glimpse into the offered opportunities.

Take The Ferry

Opt for slower or overnight ferries when island hopping. Not only will you save on transportation costs, but you can also save on accommodation.

Plan Activities In Advance

Booking tours and activities in advance online typically offers better deals. Free walking tours or self-guided exploration are also wonderful ways to see Greece without breaking the bank.

Get A Pre-Paid Sim Card

Roaming charges with UK carriers can add significant expenses. Opt for a local prepaid SIM card and make use of the free Wi-Fi available all around the country.

There are three main mobile network providers in Greece that you may want to consider; Cosmote, Vodafone, and Wind, all of which offer tourist or prepaid SIM card packages. Cosmote’s ‘What’s Up’ prepaid package, Vodafone’s ‘CU’ and Wind’s ‘F2G’ are all popular choices that include data packages, as well as local and international calling minutes.

Travel Insurance

It may seem an unnecessary expense, but travel insurance can save you from potentially huge costs, such as those from medical emergencies or trip cancellations.

Read: The IDEAL guide to travel insurance for beginners

Book Early

Accommodation prices in Greece are notoriously reasonable, but they can vary depending on availability. To secure the best deals, consider booking your accommodation 18 months to 6 months in advance.

The Most Lavish Greek Locations

Among the most popular luxury summer destinations in Greece are Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete. By far the most luxurious and expensive Greek island destination, Mykonos equals extravagant, in any shape and form imaginable. To get an idea, whilst a hotel room on a traditionally ‘budget’ Greek island like Skiathos might set you back around €30 per night, the nightly cost in Mykonos is somewhere around €200 mark (so a 7-fold increase in hotel room price).

The team of, one of the largest and most reputed luxury villa rental agencies in Mykonos, explain why this is the case with Mykonos – “Mykonos grants every desire and wish, no matter how extreme it may sound, with exceptionally high levels of VIPness and luxury.’ 

‘It comes as no surprise, though, as it has been a beloved destination among jet-setters, celebrities, Hollywood stars, renowned artists and athletes, and even politicians, since the 1960s. Simply put, Mykonos is a dream fulfillment, especially for those after, or used to, utmost pampering and spoiling.”

Santorini is a nearby Cyclades island that also comes with a higher price tag attached to it. Accommodation prices usually start from €100  per night for a room at a 2-star hotel and can go all the way up to over €800 per night for a luxury villa. With its heart-stopping sunsets, unique volcanic terrain, idyllic landscapes, world-renowned cuisine and wines, archaeological treasures that connect Santorini with the legend of the Lost Atlantis, elegant mansions with top-tier amenities, and its volcanic beaches, Santorini definitely allures one way or another, justifying the costlier vacation.

Lastly, Crete is one of the most expensive and luxurious Greek destinations. Equally popular both in the summer, spring, and autumn months, Crete greets visitors with impressive 5-star resorts, such as Abaton Island Resort and Daios Cove Luxury Resort, exquisite boutique hotels, including Elounda Beach Hotel, Blue Palace, and Amirandes Grecotel, and exclusive villas, whose nightly prices start from no less than €250 (for a hotel room) and can exceed €2000 per night (for private mansions). 

The Bottom Line

While a holiday to Greece can be quite affordable or somewhat pricey, a lot depends on how well you manage your resources. With a bit of planning, budgeting, and these handy tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating unforgettable Greek memories in 2023 without straining your wallet.

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