The Annual Summer Glow-Up: What’s Big In 2022

Could someone please send a calendar reminder to the Great British Summer, that June is upon us and we’re expecting sunshine and good times now.

Indeed, though it currently feels like the brightest of seasons is yet to break through, this might actually be a good thing; these extra unexpected days of cloudy weather have given us a little more time to properly prepare for summer, and we’re using the downtime to hone our style and make sure our glow-up is as dazzling as we deserve.

If you’re equally as keen to keep on trend with your annual summer glow-up, then here’s what’s big in 2022.

Start With Shoes 

As if we needed an excuse to buy new shoes! Well, if you somehow couldn’t find a reason, then we have one for you; this season, the world and his wife are styling from the bottom up, and this starts with your shoes.

Shoes are the base of any look, the foundation, and the anchor. Put your best foot forward, and ensure that your kicks make the style statement you want. From mules and slides to three-toed sandals, we’ve explored the best shoes for Summer 2022 in more detail here. Do check it out!

New Hair, New You 

From the bottom of your style to the top, if shoes are the foundation of your look, then your haircut is surely the cherry on top

Indeed, from the top down, if your hairstyle is on point, then it’s safe to assume that everything else will fall into place. Or, at least, everyone will be so fixated on admiring your locks that they won’t even notice if your outfit is out of place!

As the team at Taylor Rose Hair Salon, who have the latest hair tech to get you your dream hairdo, tell us, this summer, it’s all about simple shags, streaky highlights, chunks, and pumped-up ponytails. Would any of these hairstyles suit your look?

Add Some New Accessories 

When it comes to making a change in style, new accessories are a quick and simple way to make a big statement, all without having to make wholesale changes to your wardrobe.

This is obviously another opportunity to bring some colour into the mix, as well as contrasting patterns and materials. This season, for a masterful fusing of functionality of frivolity, we’re big fans of oversized, wide brimmed hats.

Nothing says summer quite like an oversized, breezy hat. This timeless accessory adds a touch of sophistication and mystery to even the most casual of outfits, and is ideally suited for keeping the sun off your face and neck, too.

We’re big fans of scalloped edge hats with a wide brim, too, or, alternatively, a natural weave Panama hat with frayed edges also looks great. Finally, the adorable bucket hat trend is still going strong this summer and is ideal for a casual day look.

Complement that hat with a pair of statement sunglasses, and you’ve got yourself an on trend summer look that also keeps the sun off your face and out of your eyes. This summer, it’s all about oversized, flamboyant sunglasses, with wearers keen to show off, peacock, and make it clear that the dark days are behind us. We very much approve!

Customise Your Wardrobe

We’re all familiar by now with the concept of ‘upcyling’ – that is, to creatively reconceptualise or reuse items around your home instead of buying new ones, in the name of both thrift and being environmentally friendly.

Of course, you could sell or recycle items from your wardrobe, but if you’d like to take a more sustainable approach, then customising pieces that have been relegated to the subs bench is a great solution and one which is increasingly popular as Brits tighten their belts this summer. 

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Step Up Your Skincare Regime 

Nowhere is the concept of a ‘glow up’ more visually realised than in your face. For the freshest look possible, it’s essential you focus on your skincare regime this summer.

In the morning rush, it is easy to skip a few skincare steps, but soon these omissions will mount up. Even if it means getting out of bed earlier to spend some time on your skin each morning, the effort you put in will pay off in a radiant visage and even brighter outlook.

Regular moisturising during the warmer months is essential, and reduces your chances of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. It can also help camouflage any blemishes. For sensitive skin, try an oil-free moisturiser. On the flip side, if your main issue is dryness, a nourishing cream may be for you. 

But perhaps even more effective than any product – and free, too – is good ol’ h2o. Arguably the most natural way of keeping your skin in good condition is to drink plenty of water, and staying hydrated can also boost your mental performance and mood – because everyone knows a glow-up starts from the inside, right?

Go Retro 

Vintage clothes and styles never go out of fashion. Well, they do but then they come back with a vengeance! In terms of that tightening of the belt we mentioned earlier, and when seeking that retro look, you’ll find some of the best clothes in the most affordable of places.

Accordingly, never walk past a charity or thrift shop without peeking at the racks; there are some true gems in here. 

It does pay to go thrift store shopping with focus. There are so many charity shops out there brimming with designer clothes – if that’s your thing – particularly in affluent areas like Clapham Junction and Kensington High Street in London. When you have fickle citizens and rapidly changing styles, stuff gets thrown out with regularity, and charity shops reap the benefit. Go figure.

Vintage outlets are also a treasure trove, selling carefully curated second-hand garments that don’t cost the earth. There are huge, multi-floored affairs in Brighton, Bristol and beyond where you can unearth some incredible finds.

For those who want to go on a cheap shopping spree for unique items, there is no better place to head than a kilo sale. You can usually buy your weight in vintage clobber at these retro shopping fairs and pay as little as £15 for 1kg of clothes – bargain.

Harness The Power Of Social Media 

Take a trip through TikTok and scroll through Instagram, and you’ll be swiping through fashion and makeup influencers in no time. They are called influencers for a reason; love them or loathe them, there’s no questioning that they’re dialled in to the latest fashion trends, and this is certainly true for summer, when they shine particularly brightly. 

When changing up your look and developing a new style, inspiration is a valuable resource. From a few short tutorial videos, you can achieve professional-quality makeup and nails. Let some fashion reels wash over your screen to find new styles, colour combinations and unusual but striking outfits.

The idea is often the hardest part, and it holds you back from fashion greatness. Get inspired today!

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