It’s finally happened. The initial shock of the worst possible moments of your life is beginning to come to a close. Your loved one has been physically reduced to a few kilos of ash and you have gotten the standard container that makes it seem more heartless than it really is. This is a moment that we all want to forget, about as much as we want our loved ones to come walking back through the door and back into our lives. We are beside ourselves with grief and we have been in a daze of wishing for our loved ones to come back, or that we could find as much peace as we would hope our loved ones have finally found.

We can do this with memorial diamonds and other physical reminders that are unique to how our own lives with our loved ones went.

Everyone grieves in their own ways. We all remember small details with the most poignant of emotions. Some things lift us up as we remember with deep fondness, whereas some things send us into a hysterical crying fit. As we all find our own personal ways to come to terms with our grief and look to the horizons, we can find small comforts in the places where our loved ones touched us the most. And in those places, we can find truly heartfelt homes for memorial diamonds.


We will all cling to something tangible of the dearly departed because it was theirs. It makes us feel like a small part of them is still with us. It will usually be something that calms us as we struggle through this tumultuous time. It will help us sleep and get through each new day. But what if there was something that you could carry with you wherever you go without ever having to worry about any kind of changes? Memorial diamonds do just that for us. They also do so much more for our emotional state.

The idea of turning ashes into diamonds has become increasingly popular in the UK, with multiple heartfelt stories of people who have invested in the unique trend arising. Furthermore, more and more people are opting for cremation rather than traditional burials, with the UK rate being at 75.44% in 2015. This number is likely to keep increasing, as having a loved ones ashes provides us with greater ways to keep them close by, especially when they’re made into diamonds.  


LONITÉ UK, a very reputable memorial diamond manufacturer, answers this need for us all. They take a small portion of the hair or cremated remains and use them to grow a real diamond. Quite possibly the hardest part of this choice would be the giving up a portion of the remains and the lengthy wait before the diamond is returned to you. Not the choice of how long to leave the remains in a purification cycle to get a green or blue or even a colourless diamond. It won’t be the decision to leave the diamond in a natural state or have it cut and polished, or what kind of cut to have made to it. It definitely won’t be what to have the diamond set into, whether it’s a ring or pendant, or a locket. All those decisions won’t be as hard because we will be getting back a portion of who we lost that we will be able to have as close to us as we want.

But is this really the perfect way to have a constant reminder of the person we lost? No one can say with 100% certainty if it really is or if it isn’t. This is because it is purely the choice of the persons involved. It is indeed a very novel way of remembering the deceased without having to worry about having to go to great lengths to remember funerary anniversaries or to drive for endless hours getting to the mausoleum, or perhaps shuttling off on a yearly flight to some farther destination. It will always be a little piece and reminder of them that can be touched and help on a whim.

We compare things in such an emotional way that memorial diamonds truly are the perfect way to remember our loved ones. Because there is no defined limit of where you can have a stone set, there is no plausible way to say what is the best way. But each way brings us that much closer to the peace we so desperately seek. With memorial diamonds and our choices of where to have them set, we can’t go wrong in finding our sense of peace and comfort.

In the end, memorial diamonds do so much more than just serve as reminders. They bring us peace and comfort, and continue our very strong connection to the one we loved and lost. And having a physical reminder always at hand will surely bring us a smile when we need one the most; just like they would have done in life.


To lay rest to any fears of the validity of a memorial diamond, LONITÉ will back their claim with reports from your choice of reputable confirmation choices such as the IGI, International Gemmological Institute; or the GIA, Gemmological Institute of America. Bear in mind though, that it will be said that these diamonds are laboratory grown diamonds and not mined diamonds. The fact that they contain a part of our loved ones is what makes them largely different than any other laboratory diamond. The world at large may see memorial diamonds more macabre than they actually are, because we are looking for a tangible connection to our loved ones; not trying to make a buck reselling our loved ones in the diamond market.

It may not bring us closure to have our fallen loved ones interred into diamonds, but it will bring us a sense of closeness and comfort being able touch a part of them whenever we need to. It is the connection we establish with what remains that will make our grieving process easier. Along with the easing of our grief comes the sense of closure to quite possibly the hardest chapter in our lives. We can choose not to follow the tradition that forces us to go to a family burial plot or mausoleum to commune with our loved ones, because we can find our loved ones resting in our lockets or watching over our garden.

In most cases, it is definitely a greener option than burial and can be quite cheaper than a traditional burial service. There are far less ecological effects in the creation of memorial diamonds than we would have to worry about with traditional burials or entombment in a mausoleum. Even with a cremation, it is truly a more beautiful way to exhibit someone’s remains in the form of a diamond than it is showcasing some vase like urn. While memorial diamonds may be considered to be a bit on the macabre side, they are a rather nice way of having a physical reminder and a close connection to our loved ones.

But it doesn’t have to wait until our loved ones pass on, memorial diamonds can be made long in advance because they can also be made from hair. This will help suit larger families when our loved ones want to leave a little piece of themselves with each member of the family in very special ways. Even when it comes to adorning their own urns. It may feel like the worst of times when our loved ones pass on, but when all of us can carry a part of them with us wherever we go, it will bring us all a little more joy in such a troubled time.