Where To Eat Near Shoreditch High Street Station

Today we look at some of the best restaurants that are just a short stroll from Shoreditch High Street station. Distances, on foot, are listed next to restaurant names. Website addresses follow the somewhat excitable descriptions of each place. Enjoy!

If you’re wondering where to eat near Shoreditch High Street station, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s smoking hot Thai food, forward thinking modern British or handmade, fresh pasta, some of the best restaurants in Shoreditch are just a short stroll away from the station.

Sitting on the Circle Line, and just a stone’s throw from both Old Street on the Northern and Liverpool Street on the Central, Shoreditch High Street Station is one of the most accessible foodie focal points in all the city. But with such an abundance of choice brings a certain paradox; just where to find the best restaurants near Shoreditch High Street that actually live up to the hype? 

We’re here to help with that; here’s where to eat near Shoreditch High Street Station.

Smokestak (100 metres)

Ideal for fire, smoke and meat

For sheer proximity to Shoreditch High Street Station, Smokestak can’t be beat; you’ll catch its enticing wafts of wood smoke and grilled meats the moment you hear that familiar refrain to ‘mind the doors please’.

This is a restaurant that benefits from having a group of you round the table; their sharing beef brisket is the star of the show and could feed six easily. Complete with pickles and a few buns, this is finger food elevated to giddy new heights.

Read our full review of Smokestak here.

Address: 35 Sclater St, London E1 6LB

Website: smokestak.co.uk

Laphet (100 metres)

Ideal for experiencing the regional flavours of Myanmar in London

Burmese is a cuisine that feels criminally underrepresented in London, but Laphet is flying the flag for this fabulous food and the city’s residents are taking note. 

The dishes at Laphet are divided into small and large plates ideal for cramming the table with complementary tastes and textures, as well as bowls of noodles and broth that can be enjoyed as a single dish, should you be in a hurry. 

Salads are keenly represented and their emphasis on crunch, bite and give, as well as an intricate interplay between savoury and sharp, is characteristic of the fine balancing act of Burmese food. 

The pickled tea leaf salad is a must-order, and manages to feel both indulgent and light with every bite. And the country’s national dish, Mohinga, a catfish and lemongrass broth piquant with chilli and lime and deeply herbal, is as reinvigorating a bowl as you’ll find anywhere in East London, and that’s saying something, particularly with Kingsland Road so close.

To learn more about the food, history and culture of Burma, check out the excellent book Mandalay by cook and writer MiMi Aye.

Address: 58 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6JW

Website: lahpet.co.uk

Lyle’s (100 metres)

Ideal for an ever-changing menu of modern British cooking

In just 7 years of being open, Lyle’s has already become an East London institution and was named the world’s 33rd best in 2019. Right now is when the restaurant shines most vividly; with game season beginning in earnest, Lyle’s, housed in the bright and airy tea building on Shoreditch High Street, is the place to be. 

Chef James Lowe’s modern British restaurant has a wicked way with hyper seasonal British produce and their ‘May Contain Shot’ guest chef series, which celebrates game season, is one of the hottest tickets in town. Chefs from restaurants like Momofuku Ko, The Restaurant at Meadowood and Septime have all come to Shoreditch to collaborate on incredible game dishes in recent years, many with spectacular results.

Though the evening is a no-choice, tasting menu only affair, priced at £79, the lunch menu is a la carte. On top of that, Lyle’s have recently introduced a set lunch menu, which at £30 for three courses of this calibre is an absolute steal.

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Address: Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ

Website: lyleslondon.com

Smoking Goat (100 metres)

Ideal for Thai food that reinvigorates your tastebuds and soul

We’ve been huge fans of Smoking Goat since its raucous, ramshackle days on Brewer Street, Soho. Rest assured; since the Thai barbeque restaurant’s move to Shoreditch, the vibe remains rowdy, the chill levels still Scoville baiting, and the aroma of smoke even more pervasive, in the best possible way of course.

This is food designed to reinvigorate. Though the fish sauce chicken wings have gained deserved cult status, and their Tamworth pork chop with spicy jaew dipping sauce is a real crowd pleaser, it’s the restaurant’s work with the offal which keeps us coming back. 

With liver, heart and kidney featuring heavily in various laap, you could go to the Goat and dine very well on these intoxicating Laotian/Thai salads alone. With several rounds of sticky rice, a som tam salad and a couple of cold ones, it’s the ideal lunch in the city.

Address: 64 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ

Website: smokinggoatbar.com

Brat (100 metres)

Ideal for Basque-inspired grill cooking and the best turbot in London

We did mention that you wouldn’t have to walk far from Shoreditch High Street Station to enjoy some truly world class cooking, right? Well, above Smoking Goat, chef Tomos Parry’s Michelin-starred ode to his native Wales and the fish-over-flames cooking of the Basque country has resulted in one of the standout London restaurant openings of the last few years.

Bring a couple of friends and order the whole turbot, which is the restaurant’s star dish (Brat is a name for the fish in colloquial old English). It’s even been reported that Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper are fans, as keen to luxuriate in the king of the sea, its gelatinous flesh and pil-pil style accompanying dressing as the rest of us.

And would it even be a visit to Brat if you didn’t finish with the burnt cheesecake and seasonal fruit? A couple of London’s already most iconic dishes, right there.

If you can’t get a table here, then Brat’s residency at Climpson’s Arch in London Fields is still going strong, too.

Address: 4 Redchurch St, London E1 6JL

Website: bratrestaurant.com

Burro e Salvia (200 metres)

Ideal for bowls of handmade pasta that change with the seasons

Though Padella Shoreditch recently opened just a short walk from Shoreditch High Street Station, if it’s fresh, handmade pasta you’re after, the proud pastificio Burro e Salvia perhaps pips it for us.

In fact, Burro e Salvia’s 2013 opening predates the proliferation of pasta restaurants in the city, and this place is all about simplicity. The name refers to the beautifully humble sage and butter sauce that often adorns stuffed pasta, and the signature dish here involves a meat-filled agnolotti with a generous dressing of the stuff. 

Superb for a quick solo dinner if you need something delicious and filling before meeting friends, you can also buy handmade pasta to take home from the restaurant, as well as take a pasta-making class here, if you have the time. Yep, these guys really know their stuff. Just delicious.

Address: 52 Redchurch St, London E2 7DP

Website: burroesalvia.co.uk

Caso Do Frango Shoreditch (200 metres)

Ideal for the most succulent Peri-Peri chicken in town

Hey, there’s a Nandos just a five minute walk away from Shoreditch High Street Station in Spitalfields Market, but even closer (and quite possibly, better) is Caso Do Frango, whose grilled Peri-Peri chicken qualifies as truly top notch. Considering half a chicken is only a couple of quid more here than the cost of a cheeky one, Caso Do Frango feels like a fairly thrifty treat, too.

At the restaurant, chickens are grilled over wood-charcoal, ensuring a smoky finish and blistered skin, with their secret Piri-Piri blend providing a satisfying kick of chilli. It’s not all about the chicken, though; the supporting acts and side dishes are fantastic, too, particularly the rice with crispy chicken skin and chorizo, rounded off with plantain, which is an inspired touch.

Address: 2 King John Ct, London EC2A 3EZ

Website: casadofrango.co.uk

Leroy (300 metres)

Ideal for long, languid lunches that transport you to the continent

The furthest walk from the station on our list, at a whopping three hundred metres, you might even feel like you’ve earnt your supper here.

A whole ten minutes from Shoreditch High Street to Phipp Street, Leroy is nominally a wine bar but one which wants to feed you really, really well. It’s a small plates, modern European affair, with all the noisy cheer and chatter which a good version of the ‘sharing concept’ brings out in people. 

Here, simplicity is the watchword, and the cooking is confident and free from all frippery. A steak tartare has sharp, piquant notes aplenty to help it along, and a smoked eel, chicken skin, grape and parmesan salad eats as well as it reads.

With a 100 bottle strong, globe trotting wine list and an open-arms welcome, don’t expect to be racing back to the station after your meal; it’s a lovely one to spend some time over.

The restaurant has also recently opened up Royale just up the road in Bow Wharf, which is well worth checking out for its rotisserie chicken and small plates of Provencal style country cooking.

Address18 Phipp St, London EC2A 4NU

Website: leroyshoreditch.com

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