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It’s a common truth in this country that once a word both enters the Oxford English Dictionary and morphs from being a noun into a verb (see: Skype, Google…), it has officially entered the mainstream. You wouldn’t blame those who love to vape, then, for thinking that enjoying an e-cigarette is accepted everywhere, socially and medically. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In some countries, in fact, it could land you in some serious hot water. Best to keep informed and ahead of the pack, then, with these; our 4 IDEAL things you need to know about vaping abroad.


It might seem absurd that you could be heavily fined and even jailed for up to 10 years for being in possession of an e-cigarette and e-liquid — but that’s exactly what could happen to you in tourist favourite Thailand, and worryingly, not many people are aware of it. Indeed, ignorance is certainly no self defence, so best to err on the side of caution in such cases. Other popular holiday destinations which have banned (and imposed severe penalties for their use) vaping include Vietnam, Brazil and Mexico. Taking care of their citizens in the face of something science has yet to decide is safe, or being overly controlling? We’ll let you decide.


All over the world, in fact, vaping and the law repeatedly clash, whether you’re in possession of the best e cig on the planet or some dodgy homemade device you bought on Kaosarn Road. Yep, though not completely banned, countries like Australia, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong and more all prohibit the use of vape gear. Again, it’s best to keep informed and always check the law of the country you’re visiting before you board that plane.


Thinking about packing up your vape gear, vape juice included, in your check-in luggage destined for the plane’s hold? Think again. Most airlines will not allow this because if anything happens to the gear, such as the battery overheating while in flight, it could cause difficulties. Instead, you’ll have to bring your e-cigarettes and any associated paraphernalia on board with you, in your carry-on bag or pockets. 

That certainly doesn’t mean you can vape on board. Oh no, and attempting to could see you arrested and prosecuted. So the messages when flying with your vapes are to be careful with your gear and keep it near you at all times, and never vape in places you wouldn’t have otherwise smoked, when you did so. You may well be able to vape at airports, however, either outside or in designated areas, such as smoking lounges. As with our other advice, always check restrictions and regulations prior to doing, well, pretty much anything.


Just because you believe vaping to be a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, and as such feel the practice less antisocial than the aforementioned fags, doesn’t mean that others will appreciate the supersweet smell of your e-cig in their faces. So, treat your consumption in the same way you would cigarettes. Indulge at a good distance from anyone not also partaking, don’t vape in public places or in a confined space when there are plenty of others around, and as always, keep a consistent check on collective, official medical opinion on the subject; its safety is subject to change.