Shaving your body hair can be quite tricky to figure out, even if you’ve been doing it weekly for years. Somehow, even after five years of religiously removing every hair from your legs with a razor every few days, you can still manage to end up with shaving nicks and cuts or an irritating shaving rash afterwards. That’s why we think that every woman should be aware of these handy shaving hacks. Using these tips will help you to get a more perfect shave every time.

Swap Soap for Shaving Cream

If you’ve been shaving your body hair using just soap for the last few years, it’s time to stop. Investing in a good shaving cream – you can get scented shaving cream for ladies, or just borrow your significant other’s shaving cream – means that you’ll immediately see a difference in the results that you get from your shave. Using a shaving cream that has moisturizing properties is the best choice as this will leave your skin silky smooth and help to prevent shaving rash.


Electric Shavers

It’s not just guys that get to use electric shavers, you can now get them to use on your body hair, too. Getting an electric shaver will make the whole process of shaving much quicker, and you can use it when you’re not in the shower, too – meaning that you can quickly shave any hair when you need to, for example if you’re rushing to get ready for a night out and spot a few stray hairs on your leg. Take a look at some of Startifacts recommended electric shavers here.

Don’t Re-Use Cheap Razors

Re-using a cheap disposable razor means that you take longer to get through the packet and save money, however, it’s not that good for your skin. When you use a disposable razor, your hairs and dead skin cells will get stuck under the blade. Not only does this mean that the blade will be duller when you next come to use it, it could also cause skin irritation. A dull blade also means that you’re more at risk of getting shaving rash or ingrowing hairs. Along with that, you may not get a very close shave, either!


Avoiding Shaving Nicks

Shaving nicks are something that pretty much every woman who’s ever shaved her legs will have dealt with. In order to avoid shaving nicks, it’s important to use a good quality razor or an electric shaver. If you’re using a standard razor, exfoliating your legs beforehand will help you to avoid hurting yourself. You can also try putting oil on your legs beforehand, as this will make the skin smoother and help the razor to glide over it effortlessly. When shaving, make sure that your motions are slow and steady – don’t twist or flick the razor, as this will lead to cuts and nicks. Finally, using a good lotion to moisturize your legs afterward will help you avoid dry skin and shaving rash.

For most women, shaving is a part of their regular beauty routine. These hacks will help you get a better shave!