Boho jewellery, originally derived from the region of Bohemia, in the Czech Republic, who people developed garnet gemstones. But, the concept of ‘Boho’ is so much more than that. Grown out of a counterculture, and formed through styles adapted and reinterpreted, Boho jewellery has since evolved into a whole movement symbolic of individualism and a collective mentally, equally.  

While the Boho aesthetic feels personal to an individual, there is also a heightened sense of being part of a bigger collective running alongside that heightened sense of individuality. And this, we think, is what makes this stylistic statement so special. 

Today, boho blurs the lines between countries and cultures and while the bohemian aesthetic continues to grow and change, certain pieces of jewellery are enduringly popular. Here’s 5 IDEAL kinds of timeless bohemian jewellery. 


If you’re looking to capture the essence of bohemian chic, then look no further than gemstones.

Gemstones that aren’t polished or cut to a specific shape, and instead kept in their natural shape, are the defining feature here. Favouring moonstones, birthstones and crystals, these rings are evocative of a free-spirited, alternative ethos we just love. 

We say ‘alternative’, but in all honesty, gemstones and mood rings, so popular in the 1970’s, have since become mainstream, with couples now sometimes opting for them as engagement rings. If that’s your thing, it represents an inexpensive option. Most boho pieces will include inexpensive, semi-precious stones like amethyst, quartz, lapis lazuli and even labradorite.  

The beauty of gemstones is that they all have a different meaning and a history behind them. Take moonstones which are believed to be comprised of solidified moonbeams and is a stone for “new beginnings”. Or, consider amethyst, a stone of spiritual protection and purification; it’s thought if one wears it, their energy field is cleansed of of negative influences and attachments while amber is associated with electricity and light. To find out more about your favourite gemstones like labradorite, which takes its name from the fjord laden region of Canada, read more here.


Astrology, star signs, horoscopes and all things luna have long been associated with a bohemian lifestyle. Embracing occult traditions and metaphysical practices further encapsulate the esoteric tastes so favoured by bohemia. And for luna lovers, an astrology necklace is the perfect way to pay lip (or should that be neck?) surface to the bohemian lifestyle. A zodiac pendant displaying the appropriate symbol is an ideal place to start.


Free loving, free-spirited with an adoration for the natural world, being at one with nature is a key component of the bohemian lifestyle. As such, the jewellery often incorporates natural elements into its design. Shells are a popular choice here, whether it be a single one on a chain or a cowrie shell choker. Animal amulets and pieces with feathers in them also harness the power of the Earth in wearable form.  


A dramatic boho statement, Aztec, geometric and tribal designs have seen a massive rise in popularity in recent years, redolent of a free-spirited, spiritual sensibility. We’d suggest going subtle rather than showy here; an overblown tribal design on jewellery risks looking tacky. Instead, a small flourish or elegant feature, rather than a piece completely dominated by the design, works best.


Traditionally speaking, jewellery is worn in the ears, around the neck or wrists, or on the fingers. But why should your ears, hands and neck get all the attention?  The beauty of bohemian jewellery and that rebellious spirit of the wearer is to think outside the box and the body. Therefore, anklets, head chains and toe rings are all adept at conjuring up that bohemian vibe, breaking free of the norms of jewellery and hinting at a more extemporaneous ethos in those who sport them. Add an arm cuff and a body chain to that too.  If they make a small sound to signify your arrival, then all the better!


Boho style is a mindset and a lifestyle, in outfit, accessories and even Bohemian interior design. The wearables which identify you as one of the collective are a great way to show your love for this way of life. The best part about bohemian jewellery is that there are no rules. The counter-culture as born out of a commitment to personal expression, with Jane Brikin, Yoko Ono, Grace Jones all encapsulating the look. That said, take inspiration from yourself, first and foremost, and you won’t go wrong!