As normcore becomes the erm, norm, more and more young people are seemingly looking for fun which comes with a PG rating attached. And as such, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll is out, and chasing adrenaline-high holidays are in. The term, of course, could take on many guises; if your idea of getting the pulse racing is a steam train ride in sleepy Swanage, for instance, then we can’t stop you billing it as an adventure holiday. We, however, are talking about excursions and sports which fall somewhere at the ‘extreme’ end of the spectrum. With this in mind, here are 5 IDEAL reasons to go on an adventure holiday.


When taking a trip which promises adrenaline and adventure with your friends or family, a special type of bond is created. Not many have seen the look of fear in your best mate’s eyes (or the stain on their cream coloured shorts) and come out the other side with a deeper understanding of their companion. Working together to reach a goal or to get to a certain location can help to improve relationships and the ability to communicate with each other, so it’s a great choice for a work team building exercise, too.


If having to pick between 25 different brands of supermarket rice is likely to raise your heartbeat, then an adventure holiday probably isn’t for you. But, if a wealth of options gets you hot under the collar, then it’s time to pack your bags and seek an extreme sports getaway. What’s great is the sheer scope and variety of options; things like rock climbing, hiking, kayak fishing and white water rafting are all available. The same goes for the scenery; vast, varied and invigorating. There is a huge choice and as long as you are prepared for the activity with the right training and equipment, fun and thrills await. Always consult the experts first on what you need to bring along; this buyer’s guide to the top pedal kayaks, for instance, will help you figure out which one to buy if you’d like to get involved in kayak fishing.


Another ideal reason why you should go on an adventure holiday is the amazing memories that you’ll make. Jumping out of a plane, skiing down a mountain, ziplining over a jungle; these are the moments that you can tell your grandchildren about in years to come. And, seeing as the emphasis is on natural highs rather than those made chemically, you’ll actually be able to remember them, too.


Taking the deep dive in something new can only go one of two ways; you love it or you chalk it up as ‘doesn’t float my boat’. There really is nothing to lose. As such, trying out new things and getting stuck into new experiences is risk free; the least it will do is give your confidence and self-esteem a boost. The most? Well, the possibilities are endless.


It’s well known that adventure holidays and beautiful, rugged, extreme scenery go hand in hand. After all, you couldn’t cliff jump off a boring hill into a murky lake, now could you? So, as much as getting the adrenaline levels turned up to 11, such a trip is about exploring new places, learning and seeing new things, and taking in all of those amazing views.