So you’ve created your ideal website – congratulations! If this is not the case, finding the best way to create it is fairly easy, as you only need to check website builder reviews and pick the one that suits your needs.However now is the hard part because you need to get your website out there and people using it. To do this it’s essential to know a thing or two about or SEO.  Fret not, this little acronym isn’t as scary as it sounds, it’s simply  the process of affecting the visibility of your website on the internet. In other words, the better your website’s SEO, the more likely it is to appear on the first few pages of google and rank high on other search engines. Simple.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know everything about SEO to reap the benefits of it. We’ve put together some basic SEO tips that will help you get on your way to an SEO friendly website. If you really can’t get your head around it, then you can always hire an SEO company to do the job for you.


The first lesson most people are ever taught is that content is queen (or king) of SEO and to an extent, this is true. Search engines love sites that regularly publish topical and high quality content. However one big mistake people make is churning out content purely for sake of search engines. Don’t do this. Put your users first and write for people instead of search engines, after all search engines can’t actually enjoy what you write and they don’t have credit cards that can purchase what you’re selling. Creating quality content for actual human beings and keeping  it fresh is one of the pillars for a website with great SEO. 


There are three basic linking strategies to remember. But before you link, you need to know about anchor text (no this has nothing to do with sailing). Anchor text is text that your users can click on and be taken directly to another page anywhere on the world wide web. You should use anchor text to:

EXTERNAL LINK:  To make your content more useful to readers, remember to externally link to authority sites. There’s a whole load of other reasons why you should link out to other websites (see what we did there) but for us, making our site a more valuable resource is key. An easy way to remember to external link is to think of yourself as a teacher, pointing your students in the right direction to useful content so they can learn more. You’ll certainly be awarded a gold star or two by the headmaster (aka Google) if you do.

INTERNAL LINK: An internal link is simply a link that points to another page on the same website. Internal links are useful for a load of reasons, for example they help build your sites architecture, and engage the reader for longer. Remember to link related posts together to further educated your reader as you’d do with external linking.

GET LINKS: Think of google like a popularity contest, the more websites that link to yours, the more well known you’ll become. To become the leader of the gang, you’ll need to have a link worthy site. Do this by creating amazing content that other people will want to share and talk about. When you’re trying to get your website this way, going through an SEO agency is a great idea as they already have great relationships with lots of bloggers and influencers so can help get your website noticed. SEO agency manchester are a very reliable agency to go through.


Make sure your images are seo friendly. An easy way to do this is to add an alt text to all your images. In other words add a concise written description to each image on your website. This only needs to be a few words long  and make sure you accurately describe what is shown in the image. A good tip is to also include the name of your business or one of your keywords in the images alt text. 


Don’t neglect your meta descriptions, it’s something that website owners all too often ignore. Well crafted, unique and relevant meta descriptions are important. They are the first section of your website that people see when google serves up search results.


If your readers can’t understand your URL, then chances are search engines will have absolutely no idea what they mean either. Here’s a little Q&A for you:

  1. You’ve written a blog post on the ideal travel guide to berlin, which URL should you use?
  1. 2 (obviously)

This URL structure is easy for both users and search engines to understand. There are no numbers, weird characters and it explains exactly what you get in the post. Another top tip is to make sure your URL short and snappy so it’s memorable and search engine friendly.  

These are just some of the basic things you can do to make your website SEO friendly. If you’re interested in learning more we recommend visiting Click On Digital blog and learn about how SEO services can help you. And how seo and other digital channels work.