Getting in and amongst nature with the people you love? A cleanse of the soul and the lungs? Sounds like heaven to us. And to many others too, we think. No surprise, then, that camping is enduringly popular in Britain. To get the most out of it, however, a little foresight is required, particularly if the trip is on the more adventurous, and your group on the larger, side. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL tips for camping with a group. 


Any type of big group event requires plenty of planning, even stuff occurring indoors and out of the elements. Camping, with so much of the experience left to chance, needs even more. That doesn’t mean preparing should be a chore or the responsibility of a single person. 

You can designate certain people to be in charge of planning specific parts of the trip. One person can be in charge of location, another can be in charge of ensuring everyone has the proper equipment needed, another person can be in charge of determining what is needed in terms of amenities and comfort. The list goes on. Splitting up the planning and delegating certain jobs makes it easier to focus on one specific part of the trip to ensure everything is well thought out. You can even split the planning up into small groups to lessen the burden further, while also allowing everyone to get involved. 


Just because you’re reconnecting with nature shouldn’t mean that you totally neglect the power of tech. Camping is a lot of fun as it is, but you can bring along some neat gadgets to make your time away even better. Some gadgets can be life-saving tools, while others are just there to increase your comfort level. You should considery your needs accordingly, but here’s a good place to start:

  • Multitool 
  • Solar charge tent fan 
  • Zippo pocket lighter 
  • Camping lantern 
  • Portable solar panel 
  • Portable mosquito repeller 
  • Grill stove 

But before you invest in gadgets and tools, check the level of amenities on offer at your campsite. Which brings us to…


Particularly pertinent when travelling with those who may not have camped before is the style of campsite you select. In an effort to make their first camping experience less intimidating, it can help to find a campsite that has plenty of amenities to offer campers, such as showers and toilets, at the least. Another bonus is having fire rings or grills, clean drinking water, and access to local food, making everything more seamless and hospitable.


When you’re out with your group, especially when it comes to hiking, it’s best to keep everyone together. It can help to dress alike (team t-shirts at the ready!) so everyone looks like they belong together and are easily recognisable at a distance. You can take advantage of discounts with companies like Champion wholesale apparel, which allows you to buy in bulk. This way, if your group accidentally gets split up, it’s easy to see where everyone is if everyone is wearing the same color shirt; particularly useful in rural, rugged settings.


If you’re camping in new and unfamiliar climes, you’ll want to make an effort to study the climate before you go; so much of camping is reliant on the weather playing ball, make no mistake. You’ll need to know what the weather will be like so you know what you’ll need to bring; you wouldn’t want to accidentally pack summer clothes if the temperatures are going to drop, neither would you want to be weighed down with winter warmers when temperatures are balmy. Check the weather in detail before you embark.