Ideal for non-traditional couples looking to inject some fun into their big day.

The English home country of Hertfordshire is consistently named as one of the best places to live in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. With a healthy population, two international airports, plenty of culture and a world famous cathedral, it’s an appealing place to spend time, that’s for sure. 

What’s more, the county boasts England’s first two garden cities, Letchworth and Welwyn, and it’s this dedication to greenery which makes Herforshire so charming. With a large amount of land in Hertfordshire used for agriculture and devoted to green spaces, and those fantastic transport links we already mentioned in place, the county will be simply perfect for hosting your wedding. With that in mind, here are 5 quirky Hertfordshire wedding venues, IDEAL for non-traditional couples looking to inject some fun into their big day.


This seventy acre estate is filled with the iconic sculptures of Henry Moore, so you won’t be short of an amazing photo opportunity or two if you choose to host your big day here. Be warned that the Henry Moore Studios and Gardens only holds a limited number of weddings per year, but it’s certainly worth it if you can get in!

You can choose to host your whole wedding day or just the ceremony in either the Aisled Barn or the Dane Tree House. The barn is a larger 16th century space with exposed wooden beams, while the Dane Tree House is smaller and offers panoramic views of the grounds.

You can also choose to put up a tipi or marquee in the grounds if you want to celebrate outside. And trust us, you do want to host things al fresco; weather permitting, of course!


The Loft in St Albans is perfect for a smaller wedding reception, as it only holds up to fifty guests; intimate as you like and all the better for it, we think! It sits in close proximity to the town’s civil ceremony venues and a host of churches, and it’s positively brimming with exposed beams, ideal for that quaint, rural aesthetic us Brits love.

Their food has received incredibly positive reviews too, so you know that you and your guests will be well-fed. What’s more, they also have a cosy loft bar which is great for photo opportunities, or for you and your new spouse to sneak off for some much needed alone time on the day.


The Gate, in the picturesque town of Chorleywood, is a pub and restaurant, making it perfect if you’re looking to have a wedding that’s not too traditional but still gives a nod to the set and setting of a British countryside affair. Do be aware that you can’t get legally married here, but you can have a blessing there with all of your family and friends watching. What’s more, the Gate has both an indoor and outdoor bar, and they’ll run a barbeque for you, too, so you can have the perfect relaxed day. 

What’s more, Chorleywood has a train station, and the Gate itself has plenty of parking, making everything as convenient as can be for guests. Sounds like the ideal day to us!


Home Farm doesn’t heavily market itself as a wedding venue, but you could easily have the perfect festival style wedding here if you just set your imagination to it!

Get a marquee up, plant some hand written signs a la Glasto, get in touch with Alive Network to secure yourself a band, and you’re halfway there! The glamping facilities provided at Home Farm are seriously beautiful, and the toilets are proper cabins so you won’t be spending your special day trying not to dip your dress in a long drop. For the couple who have made happy memories in front of the Pyramid Stage or on the hallowed grass of Richfield Avenue, Home Farm is the ideal place to recreate the nostalgia of your past.


Another farm to finish with, and another gorgeous outdoor space, Brook Farm, just a couple of miles from historic Ludlow, can be customised in pretty much any way you choose. You could get a glamorous marquee, or opt for something a little more ‘flower child’ feeling with tipis and bales of hay. For those brides-to-be’s looking for alternative wedding dress ideas to match the occasion, check out our article on just that here!

If guests don’t fancy sleeping out under the stars (or the nylon), then Brook Farm has bed and breakfast facilities. There’s also onsite parking and restaurant facilities available; the rest writes itself, don’t you think?