Ideal for bringing out your best features while going au natural. 

This year has significantly impacted our beauty routines – it’s been reported that women across the world are wearing less makeup and cosmetics sales are down. Here at IDEAL, we’re all in agreement; there’s not much point in putting a full face on for a Zoom meeting or Skype date, even less necessary when we’re behind a mask, and it’s been a liberating experience getting out the ol’ brush and bronzer with much less frequency. 

If, like us, you’re forgoing the makeup for the time being and are after alternative ways to frame your face then you’ve come to the right place, here’s an article on doing just that; our 5 ways to frame your face without wearing makeup, IDEAL for bringing out your best features while going au natural.


Perfectly pruned and groomed brows can instantly transform and frame your face, pulling your very best features into focus. Indeed, the transformative power of a well-sharpened eyebrow (let alone two of them!) shouldn’t be overlooked. If you have sparse areas or were a child of the 90’s early noughties and over plucked your brows, tweezing with impunity, and you’ve been left with nothing but thin, rainbow shaped arches, then consider using a brow serum at night. This will help condition, strengthen and will thicken your brows, ideal for that face framing we’re seeking today. 


This one may require a bit of salon sorcery or some home cutting experimentation, but the results can be all encompassing. Yep, with the correct face framing layers, you can really transform your entire face. It all starts with the right haircut, which can draw attention to your eyes and even highlight your chin and cheekbones. Moreover, layers can add volume, texture and definition. 

In terms of style, fringes are particularly adept at accentuating your facial features and highlighting your natural bone structure. A full fringe, in particular, can shape your face and enhance your cheekbones. If you’re not sure if a fringe suits you, now is probably the best time to experiment on your look, with upcoming lockdowns meaning the usual exposure (and potential embarrassment) won’t happen. Use the time wisely to fine tune that new do.  

Finally,  we know we’ve harked on about the 90’s and early 00’s already, but one trend that has recently made a comeback is face framing tendrils which can give that contour illusion without makeup. Again, now is the ideal time for experimentation.


Hair accessories and hats are another great way to frame your face (or hide that lockdown hair you’ve just experimented with). Moreover, during this lockdown era of low maintenance looks, adding a hair accessory is oh-so-easy and immediately looks like you’ve spent more time on your hair than you actually did. Just like finding the perfect hairstyle, different accessories can enhance different facial shapes so play around until you find a look that flatters and frames your face well.

Now the days are getting colder, bring out those hats and scarves, to frame the top and bottom of your face. These are great for the winter months, when your skin needs to breathe thanks to the weather, and makeup isn’t always a good idea. A wide brimmed hat can also cast a real defining shadow on your face, so why not invest in one? 


Simply put, a brighter, whiter smile can keep your face looking radiant and glowing without any need for further finessing. At a basic level, you should truly put the minutes cleaning, polishing and shining those teeth to make not only your mouth, but your whole facial structure, truly glow.

Another thing to consider is orthodontic treatment. While it’s super obvious that braces and other orthodontic treatments affect the look of your teeth, it can also impact the way your face looks. Indeed, an underbite, overbite or crooked teeth can contribute to the shape of your face and its symmetry, causing your cheeks, lips and sometimes chin to look uneven. Reversing this lack of symmetry is a more complete way to face frame than everyday brush ups via make up.


Jewellery is another great way to frame your face without the use of makeup, all the way down to your neck and collarbone. A lovely necklace, as well as a good pair of earrings, can make all the difference in how your face looks in the mirror, and when deployed with a lightness of touch, can frame your face in just the right way. 

For example, tragus earrings can be employed to help bring out your cheeks and ears, and give them a cutoff point before your hairline starts. If you have short hair, this is a great technique to harness. Combine this with a drop necklace that helps to lengthen your face shape, and if you’re more of a round or heart shaped face person, people will be tricked into thinking your features are much bolder! 

Colour can bring out your eyes, too. For brown eyes, warm metals like rose gold are brilliant at accentuating them, and chunkier pieces in earthier tones can really highlight dark eyes, too. Purple jewellery is said to be the ideal match for green eyes, with silver and grey also pairing well. For those with blue eyes, orange emphasises their beauty most adeptly. Oh, the possibilities!


Glasses can dramatically change the shape of your face. Choosing a frame that complements the shape of your face is probably the most important decision when selecting new glasses (aside from actually being able to see of course). 

For the most flattering specs for your face, it’s a good idea to figure out the shape of your head. Generally speaking, the shape of your sunglasses should be the opposite shape of your face. For example, if you have a strong jawline and broad forehead, then you’ve probably got a square shaped face so frames with a rounded edge are for you. 

However, if you’ve got a round face shape, go for square frames to add definition. Contrast is king here. The only exception is if you’ve got an oval face shape, then anything goes and you can get away with pretty much any style. Lucky you! If you’re unsure of your face shape then just pop into your opticians as these guys are trained to be conversant in various face shapes and the right glasses to frame them.


It feels like we’re entering a new era, of wearing less make up and bringing our natural beauty to the fore. If you’re keen to cut down on the cosmetics but still maximise your gorgeous, unique face, then these 5 face framing tricks are a great place to start. We’ll see you on the catwalk!