Once upon a time you didn’t want to spend it with anyone else but your partner. The clue’s in the name. Holidays were you two and you two alone. Now the prospect of another ‘getaway’ in Stockholm staring into your smorgasbord and drowning your shared sorrows in extortionate craft pale ale fills you with dread. You find yourself longing for that Monday back in the office; and the only getaway you really crave is the one away from your lover.

Well fear not, we’ve got your next holiday covered. It’s time for a group holiday with your friends – the people you actually enjoy spending time with – an escape from the drudgery of domestic dotage. We’ve teamed up with escapes4u.com to give you our 6 IDEAL group holiday ideas.

A Private Ski Resort in Switzerland

The opportunity to book a private ski resort would seem like a luxury only available to the super rich a decade ago. But, with falling flight costs and competitive pricing abound, this is no longer a pipe dream. One of the most easily accessible and affordable due to its close(r) proximity to England is Veysonnaz in Switzerland. Here you have access to 410km of terrain – you just have to find 49 friends first.

A Villa on The Algarve

The Algarve in Portugal is the dream destination for groups as there’s such a variety of activity options available. Sports, especially water-based and tennis, are abundant. If retail-therapy is more your thing, shopping options are plentiful. Resorts with villas to hire for up to 10 people house casinos, golf, cinemas and more. Basically, if you get bored here then we wouldn’t want to be your friend anyway.

A Cottage in Cornwall

One needn’t get on a plane to experience a great group holiday. Cornwall offers the best food the U.K has to offer, especially if you’re a fan of all things fishy. We certainly are. Consider Port Isaac where incredible chef Nathan Outlaw has three outposts serving fresh as you like seafood at totally reasonable prices for the quality. Consider a group trip to Rick Stein’s Cookery School in Padstow, where you can learn the tricks of the trade from a host of fantastic tutors, enjoying the fruits of your labours as a team after the course.

A Champagne Tasting Tour in Epernay

Could there be anything better than champagne tasting with a group of friends in beautiful France? Premium tasting may be an indulgence too far, but essential tours represent great value for money when you consider the fun and frolics in store. Many tour providers now offer a minibus service, a key component if you don’t wish to censor your consumption.

A Spa Break in Pembrokeshire

If your group love pampering, you could look closer to home with Pembrokeshire in Wales. You can go for a day, a weekend or even longer if you feel you deserve it (you do). 5 star treatments, massage therapy and bath robes galore await.

A Yoga Retreat in Yorkshire

Yorkshire may seem an unlikely destination for yogis, but it offers incredible retreat options for those wishing to top-up their inner zen. A weekend at The Orange Retreat has gained much critical acclaim in the national press in recent years, but this has done nothing to dampen its personalised, unique sessions and family feel. A must.

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