Ideal for those who cherish their time in the tub.

Some find serenity collapsing into fresh linen at the end of the day. Others seek comfort at the bottom of a bowl of butternut squash soup. But here at IDEAL, that feeling of peace is most pronounced in the bathroom, either when taking a long, languid soak in the tub or a leisurely ponder on the lav.

If your bathroom doesn’t give you that feeling of indulgence and relaxation at the end of a hard day, then it is time for a makeover. Not of you, silly – put that slap away. We’re talking about a renovation project for your bathroom to make it as modern, welcoming and indulgent as you deserve. With that in mind, here are 6 luxury bathroom decor ideas, IDEAL for those who cherish their time in the tub.


The use of natural stone in the bathroom brings a feeling of calmness to the bathroom and a sense of connection with the outdoors, too. No wonder so many 5 star resorts and luxury hotel rooms use stone so expertly in their design, harnessing its elemental quality and reassuring feel. 

Apart from enhancing the decor and ambience of a bathroom, natural stones and minerals also have functional uses; marble and granite, in particular, are incredibly durable materials, and are stain resistant to boot. They’re also far less prone to becoming warped or misshapen due to water or heat than common countertop materials like porcelain and wood.

Aside from countertops, consider a natural stone bathtub, whose sturdiness feels so comforting to sink into. You can also consider changing up your typical porcelain sink for one made of polished natural stone. And if you’re keen to think further outside the water closet, then a stone bench near the shower or a stool with a polished mineral top adds a really classy touch. And that’s why you’re here, right?


Flooring is a defining feature of any space, and in the bathroom, it can make or break the whole feel of the room. If done badly it can also make or break your back, as a poorly appointed floor can be a slip hazard and a half.

It is, therefore, advisable to choose the flooring first and then work your way upwards towards designing the rest of the area. 

Of course, the flooring needs to be fully, reliably waterproof. The natural stone we previously mentioned is naturally water resistant, but kitting out your whole bathroom in the stuff is both prohibitively expensive and, frankly, overkill. What’s more, it gets seriously cold and slippery. Deploy marble and granite more subtly for best results.

Your best bet for a durable, low maintenance floor which can still look classy is linoleum, allowing you to focus on the finer details of the room without having to worry about falling flat on your face financially. Generally speaking, lino has a warranty range of around 40 years, far more than the lifespan of other similar floors. Moreover, the click-and-lock option of lino flooring snaps into place and makes for easy installation.


Luxury needn’t mean cramming every corner of your bathroom with ‘stuff’ in the hope that something smart sticks. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

Aesthetically, an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mantra is best repeated in the bathroom. Cluttered surfaces are totally detrimental to kicking back here. If you are to keep things clutter free and minimalist in the bathroom, in the name of eliminating distraction from your well earned soak, we can’t emphasise enough, then, the importance of storage. Be smart and conceal storage to hide unsightly cosmetics, and display only beautiful bottles and dispensers on some stylish open-plan shelving. A less is more approach definitely works in the bathroom.

You could also install recessed shelving and lighting into the existing structure of the wall, to minimise the necessity for building outwards, instead using the room’s foundations to make space for storage. Shower shelving in the form of shower walls is another smart storage solution which will give you the most bang for your buck in a more compact space.


If you want to introduce an element of luxury into your bathing space, then you can evoke opulence even in the smallest of details. In fact, nothing speaks of a subtle yet sophisticated design quite like new faucets of brushed nickel or polished chrome. Go further and replace your old drawer pulls with colourful ceramic knobs to give the whole bathroom a sleeker feel.

Check out our tips on 7 luxury alternatives to your traditional bathroom fixtures for more on getting the finer details right!


Sure, the bathroom is primarily a functional space, but the cosmetic, aesthetic side needs to be considered, too. Just because you exfoliate and evacuate here shouldn’t mean that art and sculpture is completely overlooked. In fact, there’s no other space in the house when you sit quite so still and overlook a room with quite so much scrutiny as the bathroom. Something to catch the eye, then, and tickle your artistic sensibilities, is perfect.

It should go without saying that any art or sculpture should be restrained and subtle. Once again, it should be reiterated; less is more. Go for something soothing and abstract, and ensure it’s water resistant, too!


Japandi interior design – a symbiotic fusion of Japanese and Scandanavian aesthetics and sensibilities – has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent months. This approach is particularly well suited to the bathroom, channeling streamlined, functional elements with that eye for detail which both cultures so excel at.

If you’re keen to learn more, then run yourself a bath, take your phone to the tub, and check out these 6 ideas for creating your perfect Japandi bathroom.