Looking for low cost decorating ideas for your bedroom? Then you’ve come to the right place. You don’t need to invest thousands to turn your personal space into something perfect. Sometimes, it only takes a little shift in perspective and some smart, simple additions to completely change the feel of a room. So if you want to give your bedroom a bit of TLC, without breaking the bank, then read on; our 7 IDEAL tips for decorating your bedroom on a budget.


First things first: clean up. It’s possible that all the clutter that’s been building up in your bedroom for many years is what’s providing the obstacle to that all important ‘oasis of calm’ feel. So, before you decide to redecorate the wall, repair old furniture, or repaint the ceiling, do some purging. 

Be ruthless; minimalism has spent most of the decade being interior design’s greatest tool. If you’re thinking of channelling that energy, then a proper clearout and declutter is a great way to start. Not only that, but you could earn some cash too. Sell your preloved clothing, toys, gadgets, and books online and more, ready for reinvestment in your new clutter free space. 


One of the easiest ways to add visual intrigue on the cheap is by simply adding a feature wall to your bedroom. Since it’s just a single wall, it doesn’t require an extensive redecoration project. Rather, a little love and attention with the paintbrush or wallpaper paste should be enough. Go bold with wild floral patterns, or go for a more art deco tough with shapes in shades.


For many people, this is the cheapest option to pay big dividends in transforming the atmosphere of a bedroom. If you’re looking for a seriously soothing bedroom, consider calming colours that are conducive to sleep like pale blue, which is said to promote feelings of tranquillity and serenity, or lavender, which when done right can look super sophisticated. Soft shades of green – harmonious with nature – can also create a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere. Evoke a certain mood by changing the palette, and in doing so, change your attitude. 


You don’t have to splurge on brand new furniture to change gears in your bedroom. Your old pieces can be transformed with a little makeover, such as by adding an overlay, retooling the legs, replacing the handles, or reupholstering the primary material. You can also repaint them if you’re looking to match that new colour palette we previously settled on. Upcycling is the watchword here, so check out our 5 IDEAL upcycling ideas for your bedroom over here.


Mirrors give the illusion of an expansive space and their reflections create brighter environments and new dimensions previously lost to shadow and obstruction. This makes mirrors perfect design pieces for small spaces like your bedroom. Place a large mirror near dark corners to draw up the light, or split them up into small decorative pieces you can arrange on your wall. Just be careful not to bring about seven year’s bad luck in the process.


The way you illuminate your bedroom can completely change the space. When considering lighting design, you need to think practically. Your bedroom is where you conduct a lot of your personal activities, so its lighting should serve multiple purposes, not just good-quality sleep.

The lights, then, should be able to transition you from day to night seamlessly. Bedroom lighting should be warm, soft and relaxing so you can wind down. However, a lamp on your nightstand should give ample illumination so you don’t strain your eyes when reading in bed. A fine balancing act, indeed, but you got this.


Despite what some people say, art needn’t cost a fortune. There are plenty of affordable prints out there that don’t cost the earth. When choosing artwork for your room, it’s important to take note of the colour scheme of the space. What colour is your bedspread, your bedside lamps and carpet? Try and find a piece which both complements and contrasts other furnishings in your room for best results.