This just in; with summer just around the corner, people are discovering the delights of decking in their droves, with CNBC reporting that “demand for composite decking is rising thanks to a DIY boon”. 

It seems that this increased interest in composite decking, in particular, could be linked to its durability – it tends to last much longer than standard wood decking and therefore, doesn’t cause the same strain on the environment. What’s more, the materials used in composite decking tend to be primarily sourced from recycled materials, furthering its green credentials.

Yep, high-performance composite plastic decking could represent a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to wood decking, and if you’ve recently installed some and are wondering how to get it summer ready, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 7 ways to make the most of your composite decking this summer.


While we adore a designated decking area, often you have to sacrifice part of your lawn and flower beds to make room for one. The danger here is that, in doing so, you sacrifice some of the natural, organic feel of your garden in the process.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Adding planters or herb container gardens to your deck can bring an extra dimension to the architecture of your garden, dressing it up by adding height and colour and restoring that sense of a wild, growing space. 

We love the idea of creating a herb container on your decking. Cooking with fresh herbs grown in your garden will transform your summer barbecues no end as they have an amazing ability to enhance dishes, transforming a cheap cut of BBQ meat into something special and adding a new dimension to summer salads. Being able to walk over to your decking to pluck some fresh for dinner? That sounds pretty luxurious to us.

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Rugs and composite decking go together like that tea and cake so often served to guests at a garden party. Not only do they add some personality to the decking, but they also introduce texture and create an inviting space which feels ‘zoned’ off from the rest of the garden. 

Go further and consider using a rug to zone your decking into separate spaces, and while you’re at it, consider framing your garden furniture with an outdoor rug, highlighting areas you want to become a focal point. 


You’re on your deck. It’s a beautiful summer’s day. The only problem is, you can’t make full use of your deck space because it’s just too hot out there. Or, it’s chucking it down with rain…hey, we know how unpredictable our summers can be, right?

An awning would certainly make a difference. Having one could lower the temperature by several degrees, allowing you to enjoy the afternoon outdoors in the shade. Or, it could provide shelter from a sudden storm. 


Pergolas can turn an exposed deck into an intimate space while still feeling open and inclusive, and are especially ideal if you have nosy neighbours! The slats shield the sun during the hottest part of the day, but still allow enough rays through to give your decking that sunkissed, sociable vibe. 


Yep, as we already mentioned, with an English summer, you never quite know what the weather’s going to be like. That’s okay, we just love talking about it!

Britain can even experience pretty strong winds during the summer months. As such, creating a sheltered area with a glass balustrade around your decking is a wise move. In doing so, you’ll protect you and yours from blustery winds, turning an otherwise unusable space into a cosy one.

Glass balustrades also allow you to maintain something of a view from your garden, rather than an unsightly wall or fence which may make your patio feel ‘hemmed in’. As the guys at NE & C, suppliers of glass balconies and glass balustrades in the North East, tell us, these simple structures ”provide a safety barrier and wind-shield without interrupting your view”. We’re sold!

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While the most eco-friendly way to stay warm is to put on another jumper and layer up, if you want to make the most of your garden as a pleasant summer afternoon turns into a chillier evening, then turning to another source of heat is a viable, comfortable alternative.  

It’s possible to build a fire pit on your composite decking, but check with the guidelines set by your decking manufacturer; you wouldn’t want to scorch the surface of your decking or, worse, cause a fire. Better to prolong those summer garden soirees with an electric heater instead. 

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You don’t need to build a full on outdoor bar on your decking to make the most of the space in summer, but we think every outdoor deck should have a beverage station – they add some fun and implore those nearby to let the sociable, good times begin! 

This could be as simple as a drinks trolley or basic wooden structure supporting a few choice pitchers, allowing everyone to help themselves. Simply load your beverage station with bottles, mixers and glasses and you’re all set for an exuberant time filled with lively conversation.


Treat your composite decking just like you would your living room, ramping up the comfort levels and designating separate spaces for different activities. In doing so, you’ll enjoy a magnificently sociable summer without even having to leave your garden!

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