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Here at IDEAL, we’re huge fans of the seasonal decor that defines the transition from summer to autumn, when the onset of cooler, darker months of the year beckons us indoors.

Since that special time is fast approaching, today, we’re going to take a look at some of the different ways that you can bring some autumn spirit to your home this month and make the most of the most beautiful time of the year. So, if you’re vamping up your home for autumn, here are 11 simple home decor tricks to help you do just that.

Autumnal Dried Flowers Arrangements

Dried flowers have been one of the biggest interior design trends of the past year and it’s easy to see why. This sustainable and oh-so-stylish interior trend has a lot to offer; not only do they look great and last, well, forever, but dried flowers are better for our planet, too. 

Indeed, as the Independent explains, “Unlike fresh blooms you won’t need to keep topping them up with water or have to throw them out once they’re past their peak, meaning dried is a better choice for the planet, too”.  

And as long as you look after them, you can enjoy your dried flower arrangements for many years to come. Sustainable kings and queens, step up!

When it comes to autumn, the rustic quality of a dried flower arrangement makes for a lovely accent for your autumnal inspired interiors. While you can buy pre-arranged autumnal bouquets, creating our own arrangements can be more personal and tailored to your home’s overall aesthetic. Or, you could even dry your own flowers.  

If you’re not sure where to start, Zoella suggests creating a “dramatic arrangement by pairing simple eucalyptus with bright colours and cascading amaranthus or everyone’s favourite pom pom flower: hydrangeas.’’ 

The site also recommend smoke bush, which they say is ‘’another particularly beautiful shrub during Autumn – its fluffy plumes turn a beautiful scarlet hue in Autumn” 

Indeed, this arrangement is ideal for inside your home and they bring with them a connection to nature and the outside world which is synonymous with the autumn season. 

Make Your Own Wreath

One of the most stunning seasonal features just perfectly suited to autumn is a wreath that welcomes people into your home. 

Hanging a wreath on the front door isn’t just for Christmas, after all, and often autumn wreaths look even more impressive than their festive companions. You can make your own wreath with some fake leaves and berries, a wreath ring, some fairy lights, pumpkins, and pine cones.

There are plenty of ways for you to customise your own wreath and this can be a fun weekend project on a blustery autumn day, able to instantly lift your home decor and make it feel more warm and welcoming for anyone who comes to visit you during the season. 

Layer Your Flooring

If you have mostly wooden flooring throughout your home, consider introducing some warm rugs to your living room and dining areas. Layering up your wooden flooring with a stylish rug is a great way to add some extra texture and colour to your interior design this autumn and will also be practical and keep in the warmth to make your home feel cosier. 

That said, a good quality can be expensive. While many rug dealers offer year-round special deals, from May through to July, many rugs are on clearance. It’s the same as stocking up on jumpers or a new winter coat in July when they are on sale…with a little foresight, you can snag yourself a bargain. This is the time to visit Cowhide Rugs London official website and other rugsellers.

On the flip side, late summer and the duration of the autumn season are the worst times to buy rugs as many other shoppers have the same idea as you, and are intent on vamping up their home for autumn. 

Choosing a seasonally appropriate rug can be tricky, but consider autumnal tones such as browns, oranges, and reds to really bring the autumn season into the home in a big way.  We’re not talking about rugs with clunky, in-your-face pictures of trees on them, rather rugs that are inspired by, and use, the colours of nature. Think a rug with warm brown and copper tones, using abstract patterns to represent autumnal leaves. Speaking of abstract patterns and art…

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Change Your Artwork To Suit The Season

Artwork is something most of us have all over the house, and throughout the year, one way to vamp up your home design is to change and adapt your artwork for the season. 

In autumn, you can swap out some of the pictures in your frames to ones with autumn leaves and other aesthetic flourishes that warm up the home and show off this season. There are some stunning autumn art prints available online and by changing your artwork, you’ll mark the changing of the seasons and the natural, unstoppable march of life’s journey in an accessible, artistic way.

Some famous autumn paintings that you could buy prints of include: 

  • Claude Monet, Autumn on the Seine at Argenteuil, 1873
  • Wassily Kandinsky, Autumn in Murnau, 1908,
  • Katsushika Hokusai, Peasants in autumn, XVIII-XIX cent
  • Paul Gauguin, Landscape in Arles near the Alyscamps, 1888
  • Georgia O’Keeffe, Autumn Leaves, 1924,
  • Pierre Bonnard, Autumn View, 1912, 
  • Vincent van Gogh, Landscape with Trees, 1881
  • David Hockney, Woldgate Woods, 2008
  • Henri Rousseau, Eiffel Tower at Sunset, 1910
  • Any landscape prints by Richard Stanley, 2022

Add Autumnal Hues

Orange and red tones are most associated with the autumn and now is the time for you to start bringing some of these colours into your home for the new season. There are so many ways to introduce warmer tones to your home such as an autumn bunch of flowers on the coffee table, a new vase in mustard, or a throw rendered in a rich rust colour that will hang over your sofa. 

Choose warm and autumnal colours for your accessories and breathe some life and energy into every single room of your home. You can even take this a step further if you love the colours of autumn and swap out your living room feature wall for a stunning orange or copper tone that will add an air of cosiness and warmth to the room.

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Pumpkins, Pumpkins And More Pumpkins

Pumpkins, both real and ornamental, are a super simple way to bring the autumn spirit to your house.

A display of squashes and pumpkins on your doorstep or windowsill is also great for autumn; they are also handy to have around the house if you’re in need of a quick lunch

Take the chance to gather a few pumpkin ornaments and real pumpkins and place them on shelves, on your doorstep, and throughout the house in different areas. This bright orange feature will breathe life and energy into the home and it will really keep the synergy of that seasonal spirit consistent. You can even use pumpkins as a vase.

Also, consider some pumpkin scented candles, too. Speaking of which…

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Bring In The Candles

Candles are one of those features that are synonymous with autumn and winter, so now that the cooler seasons have arrived, it’s high time that you break out your candle jars and tealights. 

Autumnal flavours and scents – think spiced apple or blackcurrant, nutmeg, cinnamon or even bonfire – are so nostalgic, and can be found on the high street easily. But if you’re after an autumn activity, why not try your hand at making your own candles? 

Indeed, with the right know-how, it’s easy to melt down some wax, add some essential oils, and luxuriate in your autumnal creations for the rest of the season. There are some great Youtube videos on candle making to help you get started.

Use Throws & Cushions Liberally

Where summer is all about making the house feel fresh and spacious; autumn and winter are more concerned with layering up and creating a cosy space that provides warmth and comfort. 

If you are looking for an easy way to bring autumn into your home this season, get yourself a throw and put it over your sofa or bed and add that essential layering which seems to define the season. You can find throws in playful shades of tartan, a bright teal or mustard, or you can choose a muted tone such as nude or beige. 

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If you have cushions in your living room and bedrooms, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to welcome autumn to your home is to buy some new cushion covers in autumnal styles. This could be anything from a cushion with a pumpkin (cliche, we know, but it works!) or a knitted material with a mustard tone, perfect for warming things up. 

Layering up a few different colours on your sofa or bed can be an amazing way to make the most of your soft furnishings. 

Paint A Feature Wall

If you are looking to refresh your whole home this season, consider a lick of paint. If you want to bring warmth and autumnal spirit to your home this year, shades such as plum, teal, and rust are very much in vogue and in keeping with the season.

Bringing a beautiful teal into your kitchen, a calming plum in the bedroom, and a warming mustard or green in the living room can instantly change the dynamic of your home design and make it feel like a whole new home for the season. Natural tones are crucial for autumn, and by using these for your design you will add a calming effect throughout the house. 

Hang Leafy Garlands 

Leaves and berries are very much associated with autumn. A simple way for you to add leaves into the home is with a leafy garland, and you can hang these either over your fireplace, on your mantelpiece or consider weaving it through the stairs to add an air of magic and fun to the house. 

Warm It Up With Lighting

Lighting is an important part of maintaining the atmosphere of your home, and during the autumn, it’s essential you introduce some task lighting and softly lit lamps that can replace the harsh main light as evening falls. Which, incidentally, is happening right now…we’re clocking off!

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