It’s an idea so often first given volume around the pub table, with enthusiasm building to a crescendo as the night – and drinking – progresses. But in the morning, voices are mute. Yep, the group holiday is a wonderful notion on paper, but in practice, the logistics of organisation just seem too complex for the plan to ever realise itself. There’s choosing the destination, booking the flights, sharing the financial burden, choosing where to eat, to drink, what to do and arrrggghhh, we’re exhausted just writing about it. But, it really is worth the effort, and with that in mind, here are 4 IDEAL tips for planning the perfect group holiday.


Before you start looking for anything, and most definitely before the credit cards come out and the financial commitments are made, you’ll need to know do an informal survey of everyone’s likes and dislikes. Accomodation, for instance, can be a divisive point. Some may want an all-inclusive, no decisions affair, while others might prefer an airbnb or Villas in Menorcawhere there’s more autonomy, privacy and freedom over the day’s routines.

Other factors to think about include the budget and whether there any particular activities the group consensus is keen on. The more input you have from all parties, the more likely you are to meet their needs, and in turn, have a damn great time.


It’s essential to establish a fixed, focused social media group where all plans and discussions can take place. This will be a space where you can all communicate with each other virtually, such as a Facebook event page, dedicated email address or WhatsApp group chat. There are also a number of holiday planning tools you might want to consider which can ease the burden of scheduling and recording even further. With one dedicated space for questions and holiday-related conversations, you’ll all be able to keep up with the latest plans and no one will feel left out.


There are going to be certain expenses which are easy to divide simply and efficiently; flights, accommodation, fixed bits’n’bobs. But a more general ‘policy’ needs to be put in to practice where spending patterns may differ and diverge. When you go out for dinner, for instance, are you going to split the bill by person or work out your own portion of the bill? This stuff matters, and can escalate into tension and dispute if not managed properly, so establish how you’re going to handle the financial side of things early on in your adventure.


Knowing the holiday destination and where you’ll be sleeping every night are, of course, essential. Such matters shouldn’t be left to chance as it’ll only add up to a stressful trip. But, it’s also important to leave a little room for flexibility with regard to how each day is mapped out. It’s a real buzzkill to have every single minute of the day accounted for and planned out. Instead, allow for nuance and spontaneity if you want to achieve a real fun, memorable group holiday.


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