A rough approximation of a house is four walls, a roof and a door. But a home is so much more than the sum of its physical parts — it’s a living space where you feel sheltered and sustained, somewhere you miss when you’re away and that takes you in a warm embrace when you return. There really is no place like it. Of course, family are the crucial ingredient for homemaking alchemy, but interior design also plays a crucial role. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL décor hacks that make turn the humble house into a handsome home.

Ambient lighting

Lighting creates atmosphere and has a powerful impact on home ambience. If you live in a climate affected by low-winter light-levels, consider pre-programmed lighting that automatically increases brightness when the winter nights draw in. Automated light systems can alleviate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder and ensure your home looks warm and welcoming to guests.

What’s more, brighter lights might be suitable for a study or kitchen where you want to feel awake and alert, but slightly dimmer lights are more soothing for lounges and living rooms. All in all, ambient artificial light is one easy fix for making a house a home.

Warm welcome

First impressions last. And for householders, the primacy effect is of particular importance when welcoming first time visitors. A bright yellow front door sets the right tone for an entertaining evening ahead and designer door mats with humorous family mottos will make guests feel at home before they even step inside.

An outdoor light is another must-have décor item — a retro style lantern assures guests that your home is a beacon of bonhomie. Your front entrance is the first sight of home for your family too — it should incorporate a brilliant blend of attractive, safe and secure elements.

The power of aroma

A few scented candles can bring so much to a home, with aromatics pleasing the nose as soon as you walk through the door. But smell isn’t the only positive they bring. The warm, flickering glow of a candle also creates visual intrigue – romantic and cosy all at once.

Transforming a house into a home takes time — but these give home décor hacks provide a shortcut to stylish success.

Blissful bedrooms

Your bed is the best place to rest and recuperate after a busy day, so it should be a sanctuary. Some of life’s most special moments happen here, so it needs to be a focal point.

Calming shades of green, grey, blue and purple can help you to switch off before you snooze in the master bedroom and a few carefully chosen pieces of artwork can also calm you down and soothe a stressed soul. Also, with the right accessories and lots of soft furnishings, a white bedroom can become a tranquil place for you to relax and sleep in, but remember to pay attention to little details to avoid it becoming sterile room.

Also important to remember; your kids’ bedrooms will most likely double as their private living spaces too — so allowing them the flexibility to use bolder colours lets them add vital personalised touches to their private space.

Air quality

The air inside your house can contain harmful critters like dust mites, as well as chemicals from cleaning products. So, making sure it’s as clean as possible makes your home a much more pleasant place for family members and visitors who may suffer from allergies. There’s nothing worse than a sneezing fit to interrupt flowing conversation.  Air purifying plants are a great and natural way to clean your home’s air supply. A carbon monoxide alarm is also a wise investment for peace of mind and an air purifier keeps the atmosphere pristine. Most importantly of all; good ventilation; thorough dusting with natural products; and a smattering of plants, can all combine to provide a homely breath of fresh air.

Rachel Stevenson
Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.

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