7 Tips For Making Your Own Jewellery At Home

Like so many, as autumn begins in earnest, we’re suddenly less inclined to be stepping outside with quite the same enthusiasm as the warmer, more sociable seasons. Instead, we’re seeking an excuse to hunker down and make some room in our diaries for rest and relaxation.

Soon enough though, you’ll need a project to keep yourself entertained. Yep, that gaping hole is going to need filling, as the nights draw in and the days get colder. But cuffing season, this ain’t.

Instead, it’s time to look inwards and entertain ourselves. Why not, then, use the months ahead to learn a new hobby which could also potentially become a side hustle of sorts? There are so many benefits to learning a new hobby; able to boost our mood and wellbeing, and you never know, help you make some friends or money along the way, too!

Today we’re thinking about a DIY pastime which has seen a huge rise in popularity recently; here are 7 tips for making your own jewellery at home, IDEAL for unleashing your creative side. 

Choose A Medium 

How many different techniques of textile making are there? Embroidering, knitting, crocheting…the list gets longer than a piece of thread, fast. In the same way, jewellery making is actually an incredibly broad art form that includes everything from beadwork to metallurgy. 

There are many different types of jewellery making, related mediums and methods. Just a few of the most popular include decorative metal jewellery making, handmade wire wrapped jewellery, and perhaps our favourite; handmade beaded jewellery with beads in a variety of materials, ranging from crystal beads to bugle beads, delica, clay and beyond.

Handmade beaded jewellery using glass beads is perhaps the easiest if you’re a beginner to the world of jewellery making. The sheer range of styles, shapes and colours of glass beads is nearly unfathomable, which makes it the ideal discipline to adopt as the calendar stands empty for the next few months.

Get Some Basic Tools

If you’re serious about jewellery making, and it’s not just a passing whim, then it’s going to be worth investing in some good quality tools. This statement of intent may enable you to turn your hobby into something which might even turn into a nice little earner if you play your cards right. 

Some of the essentials required for those looking to take things to the next level include; wire cutters, round and flout nose pliers, a beading needle, bead organiser and more. Take a look at this run down by The Spruce Crafts for a more detailed look at what you’ll need!

If you’re considering a more thorough, expansive operation, then consider a jewellery engraving machine from Needham Laser or similar suppliers, which can seriously help you ramp up your operations.

Get Taught Through Tutorials

Lockdown led to a huge boom in online coaching via videos, with millions tuning into the Nation’s PE Teacher Joe Wicks doing his thing, alone. Other tutorials such as ‘how to make banana bread’, ‘sourdough starters for beginners’ and ‘deciphering Tiger King’ also saw huge popularity in Google searches. We assume.

Jewellery making should be no different; take advantage of all the online teaching resources available on Youtube and other platforms to really hone your craft, or if you’re looking to get a bit more serious, you can enroll in online courses like those provided by The London Jewellery School, the British Academy of Jewellery, or Jewellery Making For Beginners at the University of Arts London, to name but a few. 

Have A Dedicated Work Space

Creating a dedicated space in the home is the key to making a real go of your new hobby. If all your jewellery making gear is stored away under the bed or in a cupboard, how likely are you to get it out, stand up and let yourself create? 

On the flip side, having a designated space, free from distraction and clutter, with all your tools around you will help you focus (and seeing it laying dormant may guilt trip you into action, too!). You could even have a mobile work table – essentially a movable workstation that can be wheeled around the house to suit the other member’s personal space, too.

If you don’t have loads of space, consider a wall mounted workstation that opens up as and when it’s needed. Looking after your jewellery should be a pleasure, after all.

Look Around For Inspiration

What, you thought you’d be able to create jewellery based masterpieces out of thin air? When you’re starting a new hobby, it pays to go searching for inspiration, rather than assuming it will come to you, unannounced and unprompted.

Pour over books for inspiration, flick through magazines, check out Pinterest and create mood boards. Visit online museum resources to take a deep dive into the history of jewellery making. Right now, you can peruse the Jewellery Collections at the V&A Museum in London online, which is one of the largest collections of its kind in the world.

Finally, Instagram is, of course, a never ending, constantly updating resource of what’s hot (and often, not) in the world of jewellery right now. Follow the hashtags #jewellery (well, duh), its American cousin #jewelry, as well as #handmadeisbetter, #jewellerybox, #jewelleryartist, #jewellerygram, #jewellerylover, #jewellerymaker and #jewellerymaking. 

Good luck on your jewellery journey, and we look forward to wearing one of your creations soon! 

Experiment With Different Styles

The world of jewellery making brims with a myriad of disparate styles – from minimalistic and contemporary designs to ornate and vintage styles. Try different styles across various platforms, such as beaded, metallic, wire-wrapped, leather-based, or mixed media jewellery.

For the jewellery enthusiasts who wish to step into the world of grandeur, intricate gemstone settings can be an exciting exploration. Keep refining your craft until you nail down a style that feels distinctly ‘you’. Your unique style could be a significant distinguishing factor that sets your handmade jewellery apart from the rest.

Attend Workshops & Craft Fairs

Once you have dipped your toes into what the world of making jewellery has to offer, it could be well worth your time to sign up for a physical workshop or a craft fair to further diversify your skills and knowledge.

Consistently learning from experts in the field and being open to feedback and suggestions will give you the insights necessary to elevate your craft. Craft fairs also offer an excellent opportunity to network and feel the pulse of the current trends in the market. After some practice, you can even think of hosting a small jewellery table, showcasing your unique creations; step out, exhibit your creation and test the response.

And if things do go well, then you might want to bookmark our article on 7 ideas for starting an Etsy business!

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