Come this time of year, Santa has all the little one’s gifts covered, but for those of us who’re a bit older, picking the right present for someone, especially when they seem to have everything they already need, can seem like a daunting task. So if you’re looking for the perfect present for those among us who already have it all, then look no further than this; our 8 IDEAL Christmas gift ideas for someone who has everything.


In the winter time a gas cylinder powered mode of transport isn’t really the most suitable. Worry not, however; this gift could be redeemed at a better time in the year and is likely to be an experience one can tick off on the bucket list. It might be a bit pricy, but there are deals which will have you in the air for close to £100, with take-off spots all around the UK. To make it that extra bit special, why not book a trip to watch the sunrise?


For any motor enthusiasts without a care for the health of the enviroment, treat them to some tracktime with their favourite car. Track day experiences are available all over the country as well as a range of motors to choose from to help satisfy your favourite thrill seeker’s after that next adrenaline rush. Jeremy Clarkson, thankfully, isn’t part of the deal.


Want to push someone the limits of their capabilities (and perhaps leave them stranded on a desert island in the process)? If they’re equipped with a keen knowledge of the outdoors and a brave heart fit for Bear Grylls’ The Island, then why not send them on a weekend’s survival course first and see how they fare. Let them battle the conditions and fend for themselves in the wilderness – perhaps not everyone’s idea of a ‘gift’, but some people are just glutton for punishment.  


It sounds a bit out there, but it’s certainly unique! Name a star after the happy couple for a symbolic, enduring gift which we doubt many other newleds have had the pleasure of receiving. Every time they have a romantic meal underneath the stars or tackle taking the kids camping in the future, they’ll be able to look up and remember how their married life together began.


To some, this might just seem like an expensive bath, but in the right hands (and heads) it can be much more fulfilling than that. And we love a good soak. This chamber of relaxation is filled with Epsom salts, known for their health and beauty benefits. So, why not present the gift of stress relief this Christmas. Thanks to the pod’s magnesium content. and soothing music that plays for the hour-long session, the recipient is likely to drift into a near-meditative state of calmness. 


Know of anyone who sings their heart out in the shower, but hasn’t yet brought their great voice to the wider public’s attention? Then a karaoke kit could be the perfect gift. Starting at £60, the lucky recipient will have the chance to get their chops around any number of chart hits. All you need to do is unbutton your white shirt and comb that quiff to get in full Simon Cowell judging mode.


Maybe the person you’re buying for isn’t the activity type, so why not get something to please their sweet tooth instead? A personalised Haribo tree is available to buy for around £24 – a snip, all things considered. With a chocolate stalk and an abundance of the sweet manufacturer’s finest jellies, this 25cm tree is entirely edible, entirely reasonable and most importantly, entirely delicious.


Hey, here’s an idea.; give the gift of good karma this Christmas, instead of an item destined to gather dust in the attic. Often the post-festive period accumulation of ‘stuff’ is a curse more than a blessing; a charitable donation will bring positivity all round and improve lives who need it most.