Ideal for creating a soothing and energising domestic space. 

More of us are working from home than ever, and the boundaries between bedroom and office are becoming increasingly blurred. Here at IDEAL, we’ve been guilty of working from the comfort of our beds rather more often of late. And were not the only ones – according to recent research, one in four say they have logged on for work while still in their pyjamas, in bed. We’re actually surprised that number isn’t even higher.

Stop. Right. There. Close that laptop, swap the jim jams for something equally as comfortable, and move onto your sofa. Because if there’s one space we shouldn’t be working from, it’s our bed. In fact, it’s the worst thing you can do. Research suggests that frequently working from your bedroom can negatively impact your work, productivity and sleep. It’s time to reclaim bedrooms for what they are meant for; sleep. 

The bedroom should be a relaxing space, meant for rest and recharging. So, here are 5 simple changes to rejuvenate your bedroom 


During Lockdown, we whiled away (perhaps) too much time watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. We now consider ourselves experts when it comes to decluttering (we are writing this article after all). 

Advocated by Marie, the first step to rejuvenating your room is to declutter and the best way to do this is by ensuring everything has a home. Or, its right place, if you will. So, if your bedroom is full of ‘stuff’ that doesn’t appear to have any proper home and there are clothes draped here, there and everywhere, then it’s time to do something about it. 

Savvy storage solutions should be deployed in the bedroom; there’s all that space under the bed you can make use of, particularly if you use vacuum clothing storage bags, which can be shrunk to eliminate any air from inside. The foot of the bed is also a prime location for storage, perhaps consider a beautiful trunk or ottoman which is hollow within? Double it up as a seat to pull on your shoes, put out your clothes for the next day or display something.


One sure fire way to rejuvenate a tired space and breath new life into the bedroom is by brightening and lightening it up. Making the most out of what little natural light we have in the coming months is the right place to start; since we’re spending more time indoors, we need to make the most of our windows and the natural light that flows through them. So, make sure you’re not storing any items directly in front of natural light sources; you want to make the very most of the good stuff while it’s here. 

Rather than go on, it might save us both some time if we directed you to your article on ways to brighten your home. Check it out!


Just like buying a new outfit can refresh your look, investing in some new linen can rejuvenate your entire bedroom’s appearance and give you a better night’s sleep. Don’t be parsimonious here; considering the average person spends 33 years in bed, it’s worth investing in some good quality sheets. Steer clear of any polycotton (polyester and cotton mix) and instead opt for linen rich in cotton which promotes breathability and softness. 

Further dress your bed with some coloured cushions for a pop of colour. We’re fans of Paoletti in crushed velvet which you can buy from Yorkshire Linen to intensify your room’s look. This tactile texture, calming and cuddly, is ideal for the bedroom; phew, we feel a lie down coming on. 


When it comes to rejuvenating your interiors and brightening up your bedroom, a little greenery can add that final flourish to your space. Indeed, adding a plant to your bedroom can also transform it from a stuffy space into a tranquil, calming one. 

Not only are they a pleasing addition to your bedroom visually, but they bring some reputed stress-relieving qualities, too, and as such, are ideal for adding to a space where relaxing and recharging is the priority. Wondering what plant to introduce here? There’s an article for that, too; our 4 IDEAL plants to place in your bedroom. 


If you’re living in a shared house with flatmates and no comfortable communal space, using the bedroom as a home office may be the only solution right now. For a successful office/bedroom setup, a clever use of space is key.

Creating an area in your bedroom solely for work is important, preferably in the corner of your room, next to a window. If you have the space to create a ‘work zone’ with room dividing shelving, then for your sanity’s sake, please do. Those cube display shelves from IKEA are perfect for the job. Or, make your own green screen by pimping out a clothes rack with hanging or climbing plants.

If you’re limited on space, a narrow floating shelf is a good alternative to a desk as it won’t protrude too much. Consider introducing pattern wallpaper or painting the wall behind your desk a different colour to really differentiate and compartmentalise areas. Not only will this provide a visually stimulating backdrop to your office space, but colour can cleverly play with the perception of space, adding depth to the room.