7 Ways To Travel And Work At The Same Time In 2022

Who wouldn’t like to have an opportunity to travel the world while also working full-time? Sadly, for most people, it remains a distant dream, either because of a lack of courage or a misconception that working abroad is only for those with a certain skillset.

That was, until recently. With an inextricable rise in remote working changing the way which all of us approach our jobs, new and exciting avenues to work abroad have opened up. Suddenly, the idea of living and working somewhere far flung feels within reach for the majority. If this has piqued your interest, then check out these 7 ways to travel and work at the same time in 2022. 

Find a Remote Job Doing What You Already Are

The most obvious career step to take should you dream of becoming a digital nomad is to find a remote position doing what you’re currently doing. This has always been perfectly possible for those working in certain professions, particularly design, IT and content creation. But since the beginning of the pandemic, it is also an option for almost any employee who has switched to remote work.

To land an interview for a job that will allow enough flexibility for a comprehensive work-and-travel experience, job seekers might need help. As the guys at Resume Service 24 recommend, your first step should be to craft a winning resume, helping you stand out from other applicants and hopefully get more interviews in the process. 

Remember that you’re still a desirable, worthwhile candidate, and shouldn’t have to compromise on quality of life or pay just because you’re hoping to work abroad. Approaching the application process with seriousness and rigour should ensure you’re getting the opportunities you deserve.

Learn Photography

If you don’t currently have a role that can be switched to the online sphere seamlessly, then you might need to learn a new skill or carve out a new niche if you’re keen to work abroad.

After all, a lot of industries and positions simply aren’t remote-working friendly. If this applies to your current role, then have you considered photography as a means to see the world whilst earning money?

The job (once you’re skilled at it) allows maximum flexibility and actually encourages living on the go, even more so if you choose to focus on something like travel or nature photography. 

Sure, one can’t expect to become the next Robert King after a three-month photography course, but a short period of study can be enough to learn the basics of taking photos and editing them. There are a wide range of websites, magazines, and content creators looking for quality visuals will be more than happy to employ you or purchase the rights to your photos.

Alternatively, you could sell your photos to image libraries; you can make a neat sum every time your photo is downloaded, and unless you remove your photo, you can continue to make money from it forever more. Some of the best stock photo websites for selling your photography include Shutterstock, iStock by Getty Images, Alamy and Dreamstime.

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Get Into Coaching

Another way to make a decent living on the move is through coaching, ideal for those who prefer to work with people and make human connections rather than simply creating endless content. Some of the most popular coaching jobs include:

  • Career coaching. If you have had an impressive career in a specific industry, consider becoming a career advice expert. People who’d like to advance in their career (or change it entirely) often want to get professional help or have a mentor. That’s where you and your unique skillset come in. 
  • Wellness coaching. If you’re passionate and knowledgeable about all things health and wellbeing, you might make an excellent wellness coach. Health and wellness coaches help encourage people to live healthier and happier lives by guiding them through positive lifestyle changes in nutrition, physical activity, daily habits, mindfulness techniques and more.
  • Relationship coaching. Relationship coaching is a fantastic option for someone with a mental health or human resources management background. And if you have both, you’re near-guaranteed to have a steady stream of clients waiting to hire you. A relationship coach helps people resolve their attachment problems, form meaningful connections, and become better communicators.
  • Personal Trainer. Check out these reasons to become a personal trainer for more on this much sought-after profession.

The list goes on and on, but the fastest and ultimately best way to become a coach is to start teaching what you’re already an expert in, ideally with the professional certification and proper accreditation under your belt.

Become A Travel Blogger

Travel blogging is yet another dream job for people who embrace wanderlust. What can be better than sharing the fascinating things you experience while travelling and monetising the content? 

Even if travel blogging doesn’t become your main line of work, it’s a great creative outlet and a potentially lucrative side hustle. That said, it’s a pretty saturated market, and you’ll have to work hard to gain a substantial follower base. It might be necessary to invest in SEO expertise early on in your journey, to help your blog rank higher on Google and gain visibility beyond your niche.

Become A Content Creator

Travellers who don’t like to mix business and pleasure might want to consider getting into content creation and focus on something unrelated to their travels. There are plenty of options, but you’ll be most successful creating content about something you already have expertise in, and know to be popular among your target audience. Here are a few topics to choose from:

  • health and fitness;
  • makeup and fashion;
  • recipes;
  • music;
  • general lifestyle content.

Or you can always take the road less travelled and occupy a small niche with little to no competition. Once again, it can be anything, from film noir to endangered species to sustainable apparel brands. If you want it to bring income, though, pay attention to your follower growth, engagement, and other important data.

You’ll also want to ensure that your internet connection is razor sharp and properly fast; for content curators, the sign of a buffering screen or Google Chrome spinning beachball can be the difference between a solid day’s work and one spent staring into the abyss questioning your life choices. Some of the best high speed internet options currently available include Xfinity internet plans, AT&T, Century Link and Frontier.

Join The Hospitality Industry

Not everyone wants to work online, which is perfectly understandable. Every other recruiter or hiring manager admits that over the past year or so, more and more people are looking for jobs that rely on in-person communication more than Zoom or Slack. The pandemic has shown that too much screen time takes a toll on people’s mental and physical health, not to mention the damage to our relationships.

If this is the case for you, consider joining the hospitality industry. Hospitality is an excellent sector to enter if you intend on remaining in a location for a little during your travels. If you have little experience in the area or cannot speak the language, local hostels are a good choice for part-time work as fellow travellers are likely to be both colleagues and clientele. 

Working in hospitality requires the same skill set wherever you are in the world, meaning you can use your experience abroad to find regular work throughout your journey. And even if you don’t have much experience, the hospitality industry values, above all else, enthusiasm and commitment, whether you’re working in a professional kitchen, behind a bar, as a hotel cleaner, or waiting tables.

If You’ve Found Your Perfect Destination, Start A Local Business

Finally, if you already know what your perfect travel destination is and are looking into ways to relocate there, starting a local business is a smart step. Sure, entrepreneurship is a risky and uncertain choice, but if the business owner does their research and works hard, it can pay off in spades. 

Try to strike the right balance between something you’re passionate about and what is popular in the place you’d like to live in. For example, if you’re an avid surfer with a bit of business experience, it might be an awesome idea to open a surf shop in Oahu, Hawaii, or San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Should you have a vast knowledge of seafood, then Lisbon has a fantastic restaurant scene devoted to all things fish. If you’re looking to set up an English language school, then Hanoi, Vietnam, is one of the most lucrative places to do so.

Focus on your niche, and find a place that demands it, and you’ll stand your business in the best stead for success. 

The Bottom Line

Working and travelling at the same time doesn’t have to be a dream you’ll never get to fulfil.  It’s possible and not even that hard. If you’re looking for an online job, consider travel blogging, coaching, or content creation. And if you’d like to limit your screen time and communicate with people in real life, get into the hospitality industry or start a local business.

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